Tape Measure 16 Feet Metric and Inch Scale Self-locking Button Self Lock Tape Measure? Magnetic Hook Professional Tape measure Accurate Measurement Durable and Drop Resistant? with Magnetic Tip


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Tape Measure 16 Feet, Metric and Inch Scale, Self-locking Button, Self Lock Tape Measure? Magnetic Hook, Professional Tape measure, Accurate Measurement, Durable and Drop Resistant? with Magnetic Tip

1. Self locking design, convenient and safe: the tape is automatically locked after being pulled out, and only when the unlocking key is pressed can it rebound, so as to avoid scratching fingers, and it is safer to use in various working environments.

2. High quality tape, clear and accurate: the tape is made of high-quality steel, with high-grade scale printing, clear and accurate, durable rust prevention.

3. Retraction and compensation design of ruler hook: according to the different measurement methods of top measurement and hook measurement, the design of retraction compensation can eliminate the error caused by the thickness of ruler hook, and the ruler hook is designed with magnet.

4.?Unique shape, protection and upgrading: the silver shell made of ABS high-strength plastic once pressed is wrapped with AP soft rubber shell, which is resistant to falling inside and buffered outside, making the tape more durable, and the Silver Black combination shows more high-end texture

5. Comfortable holding and humanized carrying: special holding design at the bottom, equipped with nylon rope carrying bag, can prevent slipping during use, making use easier.

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Our brand is professional in measuring tool, which can help you to have accurate measurement result easier, and provide convenience for your work.?

We specially display our professional tape for you.?

With ABS high strength plastic shell, the tape can be more durable, shatter-resistant, and suitable to family, carpenter, building worker, and all other placed needing measurement.?

It is just 1pc in total, with clear and accurate double scales (metric system and inch), it can guarantee the accuracy of measurement result, and also increase the convenience when you use it. In the bottom, it adopts special grip design with nylon cord, which can prevent slipping in using.?

It is more convenient for you to carry it with you with suitable size and weight.?

Do not hesitate, try it now!

Product material: ABS high strength plastic shell

Produce size: 3.5Inx 3.1Inx 1.2In

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As a responsible seller, we’ll serve you always, for any questions, you can contact us anytime, we’ll give you a 100% satisfaction solution.?

Warm Remind:?

1.Please put the tape in the place out of children and pets, in case of scratch.?

2.Use it with caution, in case of scratch when withdrawing.?

Package Including:?

1Pc Tape