Pre-Taped Masking Film Car Furniture Protection Covering Cloth Adhesive Plastic Painting Drop Film 5 X 65 Ft Multi-purpose widely used for general purpose automotive applications equipment and


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Pre-Taped Masking Film, Car Furniture Protection Covering Cloth, Adhesive Plastic Painting Drop Film(5 X 65 Ft)

Multi-purpose¡¿widely used for general purpose automotive applications, equipment and furniture coverage, and paint protection.To protect surfaces from dust, Drop cloth, car painting protection film, paint mask, sheet mask, spray paint mask and picnic mats.

self-adhesive function¡¿Lightweight and tear resistant with integrated static cling. When plastic sheeting is covered, it can be freely attached to the surface of objects such as the automotive body¡¢furniture and the wall surface to ensure complete protection.

High Quality Material¡¿ Premium high tack masking tape attached to a high density, Measures 65-Feet length 5-Feet in width, Extra thicker (0.5 mil) protective film.

Easy to Use¡¿You just stick the tape side in right place, unravel the plastic film, it will slowly cover the object.

Roll design¡¿Cover up to 325 sq ft with one 5-Feet X 65-Feet roll. You can cut plastic tape of different lengths according to different items.

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Combine two steps of masking into one with Kellyer Masking Film. Lightweight and tear resistant film unfolds from high tack masking tape to protect small or large surfaces from overspray. Useful for many projects including spray-on truck bedliners, bodyshop paint jobs, home painting, and renovations. Protects many surfaces from paint and overspray such as walls, vehicles, cabinets, countertops, furniture, and floors.