Pencil Grips Briout Professional 6-Stage Preschool Writing Aid Pencil Grip for Kids Handwriting Pre-Kindergarten Finger Grip Posture Correction Trainer Set with Pencil Case 13 PCS A silicone


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Pencil Grips, Briout Professional 6-Stage Preschool Writing Aid Pencil Grip for Kids Handwriting Pre-Kindergarten Finger Grip Posture Correction Trainer Set with Pencil Case (13 PCS)

A silicone gripping set to assist in holding pens. This pencil grip would help pre-school children or students to form right pens grip position and correct wrong grip position. ? We attach the instruction upon the pencil case, if you still feel confused about using method, please contact us, we would send detailed demonstration.

The pencil grip works by the way of fixing the fingers to right position. Children could easily find the finger position and make a right stress when writing. The “triangle of force” is adapted in the pencil grip design, which helps children hold the pens more firmly.

There’re 6 stages for children to learn how to hold a pen in right position and finally grip the pens correctly without taking a pencil grip. It’s more scientific for children to form the right habit step by step and stimulate their writing talents.

It is not only suitable for ordinary pencils, pencil grip is suitable for pens, gel pens, colored pens. Help parents easily solve the problem of how to guide their children how to hold the pen. And you would get an extra pencil case to hold the grips and pencils.

Our pencil grips are made of ultra-soft silicone material, durable and comfortable. These pretty pencil grips are vibrant and come in assorted colors to meet children’s likes. It not only helps correct writing grip posture but also makes the writing more funny.

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Briout Pencil Grips for Kids Staged Writing Learning Aid

Package(totally 13 pencil grips+1 pencil case):
2 X 3-finger pencil grip (green, pink)
2 X 2-finger pencil grip (orange, blue)
2 X handle shaped pencil grip (blue)
1 X cartoon pencil grip (random color)
1 X fish shaped pencil grip (random color)
1 X all-purposed pencil grip (random color)
4 X cartoon pencil/pen caps (red, blue, white)
1 X pencil case (white and transparent)+ 1 X specification

Why choose our staged learning pencil grip set?
?It’s impossible for kids to learn how to grip a pencil correctly and quickly in a short time. Our phased teaching (6 stages) design help kids develop correct wring posture step by step. During the learning process, you could make any adjustment according to kids learning status.
?Learning how to grip pencils correctly needs patience, not only for kids but also parents and teachers. This pencil grip set would help greatly relieve your anxiety when teaching kids.
?All the pencil grips are made of premium non-toxic silica gel material. Comfortable with soft textures to relieve finger fatigue. Kids would be ?delighted to try these colorful and cute writing aid tools.
?The soft and flexible material allows the pencil grips to fit on pencils, pens, crayons, markers, etc. They could be widely used at home, in the school and offices. Pretty suitable for kindergarten preschool kids or people who want to correct writing posture.
?As a reliable seller, we offer 24-hour customer service. If you have any confusion on using these pencil grips, please feel free to contact us via amazon email. We would answer what you want to know timely.

?PS: There’re 2-3 finger-print points on every pencil grip, you need to place fingers correctly on the points and then force the pencil. Our pencil grips not only suitable for right hands but also left hands.