Refuse Service Sticker Sign Pack of 2 – We Reserve The Right – Adhesive Decal – for Shops Restaurants Stores and Offices LOUD AND CLEAR The bold red color and ALL CAPS lettering make it


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Refuse Service Sticker Sign (Pack of 2) – We Reserve The Right – Adhesive Decal – for Shops, Restaurants, Stores, and Offices


The bold red color and ALL CAPS lettering make it clear that your establishment won’t tolerate rowdy customers or disruptive guests. Text reads: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”


Refusing service and asking people to leave the premises can be a fraught decision. People are liable to take offense if they perceive unfairness. The sign is up all the time, sending a consistent message about your private property rights.


This sticker “yells” so you won’t have to. Setting the tone early, passively, and consistently with proper signage can help de escalate conflict.


Customers, guests, and visitors are more likely to behave if the rules are clearly stated.


Far easier to install than a placard or metal plate, this sticker has an adhesive backing to go on doors, walls, panels, or windows. No tools required.

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Telling guests to take their business elsewhere is always a last resort, since ejecting disruptive people can be awkward or even confrontational. Cut down on disruptive behavior while reminding guests to keep their noses clean with some stern yet professional signage from Sutter Signs. The text reads “We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.” This sign is printed on heavy, coated paper stock, so it will stay put and last for a long time, even if you regularly have a fracas or two breaking out. The clear text, bold color, and non-nonsense message will help you stop trouble before it starts, while reassuring well-behaved guests and shoppers that you are willing to do what it takes to keep the peace. Two signs included per pack. Each sign measures 9″ wide by 6″ tall. Authentic Sutter Signs Products are sold exclusively by Maxton & Company Designed and made in USA. Thank you for supporting American manufacturing!