June Gold 440 Pieces 0.7 mm HB #2 Lead Refills 110 Pieces Per Tube Medium Thickness Break Resistant Lead/Graphite Pack of 4 Dispensers 440 Lead Graphite Refills 0.7 mm #2 HB 60 mm Tall 4


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June Gold 440 Pieces, 0.7 mm HB #2 Lead Refills, 110 Pieces Per Tube, Medium Thickness, Break Resistant Lead/Graphite (Pack of 4 Dispensers)

440 Lead (Graphite) Refills 0.7 mm #2 HB 60 mm Tall

4 Lead (Black) Dispensers with 110 Refills Each

Each Break Resistant Lead was Manufactured with Uniform & Smooth Lead for Long Lasting Writing

Each Dispenser was Designed with Convenience and Simplicity Resulting in Effortless Dispensing

Works with Any 0.7 mm Lead Mechanical Pencil – Especially June Gold’s own 72 Pack of Mechanical Pencils (Perfect for Standardized Tests and Scantrons)

10003, 0680474396986, 680474396986

June Gold presents a brilliant and professional set of 0.7 mm lead refills!

These bulk lead refills are great for both Schools & Offices. They are a perfect match with our 72 pack of mechanical pencils. This multi-pack includes the following items and features!


  • 4 Easy-Use Lead Dispensers
  • 110 Lead Refills in Each Dispenser Totalling 440 Refills


  • Industry standard 0.7 mm #2 HB lead & 60 mm tall – Perfect for any 0.7 mm mechanical pencil
  • Quality manufacturing allows for uniform, smooth, and long lasting writing
  • June Gold’s manufacturing process prevents lead breakage
  • Each dispenser was designed with convenience and simplicity making lead dispensing effortless
  • Never worry about pencil sharpening again

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