Pilot 4 Colors Ballpoint Pen Acroball 4 Fine Black Red Blue & Green Bkab-45F-BK 4 colors Ballpoint pen: black red blue green Acro ink adopted Ballpoint size: 0.7mm This pen is a


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Pilot 4 Colors Ballpoint Pen, Acroball 4 Fine, Black, Red, Blue & Green (Bkab-45F-BK)

4 colors Ballpoint pen: black, red, blue, green

Acro ink adopted

Ballpoint size: 0.7mm

BKAB-45F-BK, 4902505482403,

This pen is a four-color Black, Red, Blue and Green ballpoint pen that uses the Acro ink developed by the Pilot. The oil-based ink has 1/5 of the viscosity of conventional oil-based inks. The unique blend of ink and lubricants allows the ball at the tip of the pen to rotate smoothly by reducing friction. This creates an enjoyable, non-skip writing experience. The ink is satisfyingly pigmented and is also water-resistant. The pen has a unique rubber grip developed by Pilot that sports a tire pattern, which prevents your hand From slipping. The clip on the pen uses a coil spring with a “soft clip” Mechanism that can be clipped 100, 000 times without breaking, according to Pilot testing. Not only is it durable, The clip is extremely easy to open and use.