Sawcraft 10 Inch Circular Saw Blade ATB Ultra Fine Finishing 90 Teeth Miter Saw Blade Wood Cutting Table Saw Blade for Ripping Wood, Crosscuts Wood, Plywood and Laminate

Hard & Durable】Sawcraft circular saw blade is made of high-quality tungsten carbide of high-density cemented carbide. With high-level hardness, the service life of saw blade is 3-5 times longer than that of ordinary saw blade.

Ingenious Design】Expansion slots and stabilizer vents can reduce noise and vibration to the greatest extent. Ingenious design can make heat dissipation and reduce noise, keeping the table saw blade cool and reducing blade bending.

Smooth Cut】The sharp teeth and non-stick anti-rust coating of the miter saw blade will show you a smooth and neat ultra-thin incision. Using our Sawcraft saw blade, cutting wood will be as convenient and fast as cutting butter, with little waste of material.

Applicable Machines】Our Sawcraft saw blades are suitable for circular saw, table saw, miter saw.RPM up to 6000.

Wide Use】 This 10-inch circular saw blade has 90 teeth and can be used for ripping wood, crosscuts wood, plywood, and laminate.

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Sawcraft is a company specializing in the production of saw blades. After years of exploration and innovation, our company has developed into a large-scale standardized enterprise integrating design, production, packaging and sales.Our company produces more than 10 million saw blades every year, which are sold to various regions around the world, which makes us accumulate a large number of customers worldwide. Why choose Sawcraft saw blade??Durability? High-density cemented carbidemakes it harder and more durable. The service life of the circular saw blade is 3-5 times longer than that of general saw blades.?Stability? The non-stick coating protects the table saw blade from high temperature, keeps it cool and avoids blade warping, so that it can be used stably and lastingly. ?Sharpness?The sharp hook angle of the miter saw blade provides an ultra-thin flat section. You will be surprised to find that cutting wood is as easy as cutting butter.?Safety? The unique expansionslot and ventilation holes will help the saw blade to dissipate heat and reducenoise, without worrying about noise pollution and chipping.?Worry-free Warranty?We believe in our products. It is a high-performance 10 inch 90 teeth saw blade.Even if there is a problem with product quality or packaging, please contact us in time and we will provide free return and exchange services.

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