OLYDON Electric Heated Floor Mats Under Desk, Heated Foot Warmer – 110v Toes Warming Heater for Office and Home

KEEPS TOES WARM: Our warm foot pads are made of materials with excellent heating properties that heat quickly. There is no need to remove your shoes, just put your feet on the pad. Whether at home or work, it will keep your feet and toes warm and comfortable.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The surface material of the heating pads is floor leather which is waterproof, wear-resistant, and high temperature resistant, and has excellent heat transfer performance. There are non-slip particles on the back of the product to prevent the product from moving.

SAFE & ENERGY SAVING: The Cozy Foot Warmer uses only 55 watts, which is just a fraction of the energy used by traditional space heaters. It can be used normally at a voltage of 90-130V and has the function of temperature overheat protection. The default temperature on startup is 115℉. The product will auto-off after 3 hours.

PORTABLE & VERSATILE USE: This small heated floor mat is easy to carry, can be rolled up for convenient, easy to store. Convenient to use in many life scenes: kitchen, office, dining room, living room, study, bedroom and other living places.

EASY TO USE: Foot switch with temperature display. You don’t need to bend over, just open it with your feet. Step and hold for more than 2 seconds to switch on or off. In the power-on state, lightly step on to set any of the 7 temperatures.

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Features:1. 30 seconds fast heating, no need to remove your shoes2. 7 levels of temperature adjustment (85?-145?). The default temperature is 115?. 3.After 3 hours, the heater will auto-off by default.4. Switch with display, easy to the elderly and children to operate.5.Power cord length: 74.8 inch.Switch:1.Long press switch for 2 seconds to turn on or off.2. Tap to set the temperature, 1-7 level.3. Temperature control: 1st level – 85?, 2nd level – 95?, 3rd level – 105?, 4th level – 115?, 5th level – 125?, 6th level – 135?, 7th level – 145?.Tip: After 3 hours, the heater will auto-off by default.Size:17.3 in x 12.6 inPacking List:Heated Floor Mats *1

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