16 Inch Hairpin Legs, 1/2 Inch Diameter Satin Black Anti-Slip Hairpin Furniture Legs 4 Set Duty U-Shaped Baking Varnish Table Legs for DIY Computer Tables/Coffee Tables/Bedside Tables

DIY Furniture Legs: solid metal table legs provide you project support. Whether you are a professional carpenter or a woodworking craftsman, you can choose our products with confidence. The 4 U-shaped table legs come with 20 M5 screws and 4 anti-slip Foot pads, individual products are packed in foam bags, effectively preventing scratches and breakage.

Professional and Beautiful Design: Our table legs have a sleek mid-century modern appearance, differentiated welding process and later polishing treatment, the surface is painted with a simple and stylish design, durable, uniform and smooth to the touch.

Easy to Install: Before using the product, place the installation size according to the physical hole pitch specifications, and then use the screw in the package to rotate the link to place it. The size of the mounting plate is 4.33″x1.18″, and the large surface contact provides stability The table leg mounting plate has 5 holes, which can be easily installed and can also increase the firmness of the installation.

Rugged and Durable: The 16-inch solid metal table legs have a diameter of 0.47 inches, which has reduced strength and adopts advanced welding technology. There will be no breakage. The table legs can withstand a weight of up to 350 pounds, which can fully support the use of coffee tables and bedside tables.

We provide: 4 16-inch table legs (1/2 inch in diameter), 20 M5 screws, and 4 rubber table leg protection covers. The screws provided are suitable for the connection length and are durable. We provide quality service and can ask us for any consultation.

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Package: 4 16-inch solid metal table legs; 4 rubber table leg protectors; 20 M5 screwsMaterial: metalProcess: paint processColour: BlackStyle: mid-century modernScope of application: The maximum weight is 660 pounds. It can be used to make coffee tables, bedside tables and computer tables. It is made of high-quality materials and has a good feel to protect the safety and health of users. Or carpet, and the placement is more stable.

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