Bslite 10-30P to 14-30R Dryer Adapter Cord, Heavy Duty 4 prong to 3 prong, STW 10-AWG, with Additional Green Ground Wire, 30A, 250V, 1.5FT

Nema 10-30P 3-Prong Dryer male plug, 30-AMP 125/250V to Nema 14-30R 4-Prong female receptacle 30AMP 250V

Connect the Nema 10-30P male plug to the female wall socket of Nema 10-30R, and plug the dryer 14-30P plug to the female cable socket (Nema 14-30R)

4 Meters External Ground, Ground pin fits 5-15R Ground

DURABLE AND SOLID: 10-AWG STW Heavy duty Cord 100% copper wire. Support max 30 AMP overload, 250 Volt, 7500 Watts

Molded with electroplate copper terminal in order to avoid surface oxidation effectively. Please connect the GREEN ground wire of the green wire to the Grounding hole of 15AMP or 20AMP 125V household wall socket/outlet/power strip/extension cord etc. because the 10-30R socket does not has grounding wire

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Specification: Nema10-30P Male to Nema 14-30R Female AC Heavy duty power cable Cable in STW 10AWG 3Conductor 4 Meters External Ground, Ground pin fits 5-15R GroundWHEN YOU USED: 1.You must be connected the additional green grounding wire before use Dryer. 2.Do not use more than 30 Amp input for this adapter cord. 3.Uncoil Cord and Do Not Cover It with Any Material. 4.Do Not Driver, Drag or Place Objects Over Cord. 5.Do Not Walk on Cord.AFTER USE: 1.GRASP PLUG to Remove from Outlet. 2.Always Store Cord INDOORS. 3.Always Unplug When NOT In Use. 4.Do Not Unplug By Pulling On Cord. 5.DO NOT USE WHEN WET. 6.Keep Children and Pets Away from Cord. 7.Do Not Plug One Extension Cord into Another.

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