6 Outdoor Waterproof Battery Operated Flameless Candles Remote Timer White Plastic Resin Bright Flickering Electric LED Pillar Lantern Patio Garden Wedding Party Halloween Christmas Decorations 3?x6?

Truly waterproof outdoor candles. The plastic battery candles are waterproof and designed for outdoor use to decorate your garden, yard, patio, swimming pool, or an outdoor activity such as a BBQ party. The resin candles can be used indoor to decorate your fireplace and rooms. Each LED candle is measured 3” in diameter, 6” in height. Unlike wax candle, plastic candles never melt when used outside.

Multi purposes. Battery powered plastic pillar candles are idea for home decor, and festival, holiday, party, wedding decorations. For example, they can be used as table centerpieces to decorate your wedding reception or to light up your Xmas party. In addition, LED candles are perfect gifts for almost all holidays, such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The candle set is a special gift for your family members, relatives and friends.

Remote controlled. Use the remote control to turn on or off these LED flameless pillar candles from a distance up to 20 feet. Remote control is very useful when the plastic pillar candles are difficult to reach or placed in a short distance (less than 20 feet) from you, for example, when these flameless resin candles are put inside outdoor lanterns, on a high rack, a fireplace or a chandelier. One remote controls two electric LED candles.

Easy to use with timer. There are 4 built-in daily cycle timers inside each battery LED pillar candle. Use the remote to set the timer. Once a timer is set, the LED candle stays on for several hours, according to the timer you choose (for example 4 hours or 8 hours), and then turns off themselves. And the timer controlled on and off cycle repeats automatically everyday. This daily cycle timer saves the troubles of turning on and off this flameless LED candle lights manually.

Look and flicker like real candles, and safe to use with. With flickering LED bulb and realistic appearance, the plastic resin battery candles look like and flicker like real candles. Battery operated LED flameless candles are safe to use with, especially when you have children, seniors and pets at home. There is no fire hazard, no fume and no wax mess.

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