PVC Pipe Cutter?63mm Pvc Cutter,Cuts up to 2-1/2″ Pipe Capacity Ratcheting Cutter,One-hand Fast Pipe Cutting Tool,Suitable for Household, Maintenance, Plumber. pvc-cutter?orange?

Ratchet design】The pipe cutting machine adopts the ratchet drive technology to smoothly complete the cutting operation with one hand, which makes cutting more labor-saving and improves work efficiency. Pressing the self-lock during use will prevent the cutter from springing back, cutting the pipe faster and labor-saving is also safe.

Ergonomic design】:The bottom handle adopts ergonomic grip to protect the hand, which can make single stroke cutting quickly and easily, Suitable for long hours!

Simple operation】: Put the pipe to be cut into the corresponding knife edge, and continuously clamp and tighten the handle to easily cut the pipe.

exquisite craftsmanship】: 4.0 reinforced manganese steel,high hardness, sharp, not easy to rust,Cutting quickly

Wide range of applications】: cutting knife is very suitable for all kinds of plastic pipes(PVC, CPVC, PP-R, PEX, PE, etc),Great helper for home handy man, plumbers, electricians, and vehicle mechanics.

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Detail design 1.Ratchet self-locking design: After cutting, the blade of the cutting knife handle will spring back to the initial state. Pressing the self-locking will prevent the cutting knife from springing back, making cutting more labor-saving. 2.Ergonomic design: The ergonomically designed handle with plastic wrap makes you wear-resistant and non-slip during use, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort. how to use the cutting machine correctly 1. Hold the two handles of the scissors with both hands, and pull them up with fan shaped force until the Angle you want to cut (the blade is fully opened) 2. Then put the pipe into the groove and press the handle repeatedly with one hand until the pipe separates 3. This is not an automatic tube cutter, so repeat step 1 and return the cutter to the open state.

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