MOSUO Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, Alarm with Voice Warning, 10 Year Lithium Battery Backup, Dual Sensor Smoke CO Alarm Complies with UL 217 & UL 2034 Standards, Auto-Check (Not Hardwired)

[2 in 1 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector] Equipped with an ultra reliable photoelectric sensor and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology , the smoke alarm alerts you to carbon monoxide danger and detects smoke from slow burning, smoldering fires with fewer false alarms. The smoke detector tests itself constantly and timely informs when it is short circuited on disconnected or low battery, which provides reliable uninterrupted 365/24 protection for you and your family.

[10-Year Battery Life & Certified Quality] The 10 year lithium ion battery of smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector is permanently built in and tamper proof. When the low battery alert appears, yellow flash once every 60 seconds and loud buzzer. Our smoke alarms are produced under the UL 217 & UL 2034 standards, which ensures the highest level of safety and reliability.

[Easy to Install and Use] No need for rewiring, as the battery-operated carbon monoxide smoke detector is easy and secure to install with the included screws, anchor plugs, and mounting bracket to effortlessly install it on ceiling. Can be placed in RV, bedrooms, hallways, finished basements, living room and in mobile homes.

[85dB Buzzer & LED Warning] Our carbon monoxide alarm has 85dB loud buzzer and warn people with rapid flashing red indicator light. You can hear the alarm in the range of 20~40 square meters to help you and your family get more escape time even when you are sleeping. The LED light and fire alarm will continue until the smoke and carbon monoxide detector is cleared or the test button is released.

[Dust-proof Design & Fire-retardant Materials] The exterior of this smoke detector is made of high quality eco-friendly and flame retardant ABS+PC plastic material, which is both fire-retardant and highly durable. Dust-proof and insect prevention design ensures the sensitivity of the detector to reduce false alarms.

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Product Highlight: 10 year battery life Low battery hush Loud 85 decibel alarm Low battery signal Accurate, Reliable, & Highly Sensitive Fireproof ABS material Easy to install and test Single test/silence button Meet UL217 (the new 2020)& UL2034 standards Equipped with both a photoelectric and ionization sensor Complies with all current 10 year legislation in U. S. states and cities where required.Function Description: Normal: 1 green led flashes, 1 minute pause Smoke alarm: 3 beeps with 3 red led flashes, 1.5 seconds pause CO alarm: 4 beeps with 4 red flashes, 5 seconds pause Low battery: 1 chirp with 1 yellow led flash, 60 seconds pause. Replace alarm Trouble: 2 beeps with 2 red flashes, 60 seconds pause. Replace alarm End of life: 2 chirps with 1 yellow flash, 60 seconds pause. Deactivate and replace alarm Manual trigger button test: 6 buzzers with 6 red flash, 8 buzzers with 8 red flashTechnical Specs: Smoke Sensor Type: Photoelectric CO Sensor Type: Electrochemical Working temperature?-10?~+50? Alarm sound: ?85dB (3 meters) Relative humidity: ?95%R.H. Smoke sensitivity: 1-3%ft Alarm mode: Siren with flash (Buzzer & Red LED) Operating voltage: DC 3VCO Alarm concentration: 70ppm: 60~240 min 150ppm: 10~50 min 400ppm: 4~15 minPackage Contents: 1 * Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector 1 * Mounting bracket 2 * Screw 2 * Anchor plug 1 * User manualNote: Clean alarm monthly. Test weekly. Avoid extremely dusty, dirty or greasy areas. Instructions labels on the device, you don’t worry about losing user manual or instructions.

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