Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector 10-Year Lithium Battery with Photoelectric Sensor, Compliant with UL 217/2034 Standard, Auto-Check & Test Button,White

10-year battery life: Smoke and carbon monoxide detector with sealed-in lithium power supply, no battery replacement required over 10 years life of the alarm, can provide constant monitoring, keep your family safe .

Self-check function: Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm automatically checks its battery and sensor every 10 seconds to ensure the key sensor and critical circuit are working properly. However, you should test the buzzer and LED indicator once a week to ensure normal functioning.

Highly sensitive and accurate : Smoke and CO detector 10 year battery with most advanced photoelectric sensor, enabling the alarm to quickly detect dangerous smoke levels from slow-burning, smoldering fires; provides the earliest possible warning of fire while minimizing false alarms.

LED light functional: Normal: 1 green led flashes,1 minute pause;Alarm mode:Siren with flash(Buzzer & Red LED) pause; Low Battery: 1 chirp with 1 yellow led flash,60 seconds pause.Please replace alarm.

Keep your safe : Carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm located in hotels, motels, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, and group homes, install one fire alarm in every room.

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As we know safety is most important in our life, with this smoke and carbon monoxide detector,10years lithium battery,no worry more than 10 years.Specification:Working Voltage:DC3V bulit-in lithium battery Standby current:8.2uA Alarm current:<60mA Battery life:10 years Sound level:>85dB Alarm mode:Siren with flash(Buzzer & Red LED) CO Alarm concentration: -70ppm:60~240min -150ppm:10~50min -400ppm:4~15min Execute Criterion: UL217/UL2034Packing List:1x Alarm Unit2x Screws2x Anchor Plugs1x User Manual

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