Laser Measure 262ft, cshare Laser Measurement Tool 80M, Digital Laser Distance Meter, USB Rechargeable Electronic Tape Ruler with Backlit LCD for Area Volume Pythagorean Measuring Device (Gray)

【High-precision Distance Meter】Accuracy of this laser distance measure is ±2mm and a wide measurement range from 0.03m-80m/262ft, With electronic bubble level to improve accuracy. Last 20 sets of measure data can be saved and recalled. Mute function. Automatic calibration.

【Multiple Measurement Modes】This laser measuring device has Rear/Front-end baseline ,allows you to fast Automatic calculation of area and volume;3 units for selection:M/In/Ft; Self-calibration; Addition and subtraction; Automatic shutdown without operation 45s; The screen turns off after 15 seconds, press the right button to restore the last measured data.

【Durable and Portable Design】The refined metal shell of this digital distance measuring tool is for more shock-resistant and offers a more comfortable touch feel. IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protect the laser measuring tape to the maximum extent. Wrist strap let you hold the meter steady and carry easily.

【USB chargeable & Backlight】 This laser meter rangefinder powered by energy-saving and eco-friendly lithium battery, which allows you to measure distance for 3000 times when fully charged. Four-line of data LCD display and high definition backlight enable us to compare data more clearly and conveniently.

【Widely Used】Multi-purpose laser measure device can be widely used in interior decoration, interior design, construction (rooms, buildings, factories, warehouses), etc. Very good for realtors.

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Protective Film:The screen is covered with a protective film to protect the screen,can tear it apart before use.Baseline:Short press the right button to adjust whether the length of the rangefinder istaken into account when measuring. Measuring tools for more occasions.Electronic Bubble Level & Angle Measurement?Can be used for angle measurement,with bubble Levels,it can be more intuitive and easier to find the horizontal direction,and can work better in different conditions, faster and more accurate.Single Distance Measurement?Press the “ON” button to turn on the power. The default mode is “Single Remote Measurement”.Press the “ON” button to emit the laser, select the measurement point, and press the “ON” button.The measurement data is displayed at the bottom of the screen.Area Measurement?Briefly press once on the “Length / Area / Volume / Pythagorean Theorem” button,then measure the length and width according to the prompt. The rangefinder calculates the area.Pythagorean measurement:Automatic calculation by measuring both sides of the triangle.Volume Measurement?Briefly press the “Length / Area / Volume / Pythagoras Theorem” button twice and measure thelength, width, and height. The rangefinder calculates the volume.Sound Mode and Silent Mode: In the shutdown mode?Long press the “ON” key until ?boob? is displayed?long press the “ON” key until “CPL.0? is displayed?Long press the “ON” key until the “BP.on” is displayed?Click the “ON” key to adjust sound On/Off?Press the “OFF” button to save the operation.Specification: Weight: 45gWaterproof: IP54Auto shut-down: 45sLaser level: Class IILaser type: 635nm< 1mwPower: USB chargingAccuracy: ± 2.0mmUnit: meter / inch /feetSize(L*W*H): 4.33 x 1.38 x 0.83 inMeasuring range: 0.03m--80m(262ft)

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