Brass Shower Head Holder for Hand Held Showerhead, Adjustable Shower Arm Bracket Mount, Universal Shower Arm Adapter (Matte Black)

*Unique design, unique structure! 100% solid brass material made, no worries of breaking, falling and leaking.

*1/2” IPS female inlet,1/2” IPS male outlet. Fits well with all the standard arm pipes and hoses.

*Every part is machined from the brass rod, perfectly seamless. A multi-layer plating offers excellent outward.

*Easy installation through a simple wrench to tighten the joint with the arm pipe till it is firmly fixed.

*5 YEARS’ warranty brings you a fully confidence. Any question, e-mail to us, prompt response and service.

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This item is worth of your choice for at least these genes:1) 100% made from solid brass, worry free of breaking or cracking. Great convenience for the whole lifetime of using!2) The unique structure ensures the support of weight as much as possible. It’s the best partner with a filtered shower set. Because with this structure, the adjustable ball only bears the weight of the shower head itself, nothing else. It can firmly guarantee the steady of the shower head wand without any falling or drooping.3)The beautiful outward and the tobacco pipe shape brings you not only a showering component, but more like a decor of an artwork.Package includes:1 solid brass bracket holder with a washer preset inside;1 simple metal wrench for mounting the bracket;1 plumber’s tape;1 illustrated manual.

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