Bidet, Baban Non-electric Bidet Attachment with Self-cleaning Dual Nozzle (Posterior/Feminine Wash) Fresh Water Spray Bidet for Toilet with Stainless Steel Base and Brass T-Adapter, Easy to Install

Dual Cleaning Modes of Two Nozzles】-Baban Bidet is featuring Posterior mode (for men and women) and Feminine mode (women’s private). The Posterior mode offre a more thorough and complete wash, it is suitable for men and women. The feminine mode (soft spray) is more comfortable and gentler, an ideal choice for monthly cycles and new mothers.

Convenient All-in-One Control Knob Design】-Adjust the water pressure by turn the control dial of the toilet bidet attachment to left or right till the selected mode which you need, simple use, also an ideal choice for the elderly and children.

High-quality Attachments】 -Non-Electric Bidet is built with high-class ABS material, brass and stainless steel parts for more durability. Unlike other traditional bidet’s, our bidet attachment comes with a brass T-adapter, which is more compatible with the stainless steel flexible hose.

Comfortable &Hygieni】-The bidet toilet seat uses the naturally soothing warm water as a refreshing alternative to toilet paper,providing gentle,hygienic cleaning,which is more comfortable than traditional toilet paper. Using bidet for toilet reduces the amount of toilet paper needed to help reduce environmental burden.

Easy to install】-Baban Bidet Toilet Attachment provides simple and detailed installation instructions for your convenience. It includes 1 stainless steel braided hose (2. 13ft), 1 brass T-adapter, 4 seat hook(2 Stainless steel and 2 plastic). All you have to do is ensure proper measurements.

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Characteristics:1. Ultra-thin design to better adapt to different products2. The product mounting plate is embedded with stainless steel plate to enhance product stability.3. One switch controls all functions for easy use4.The ultimate cleansing experience5. Easy installationAccessories:1 x Brass T-connecto2 x Metal Thin fixing plate2 x Plastic thick fixing plate1 x Stainless Steel Flexible Hose (2.13 ft)The bidet simply secures between the rim and seat of your standard toilet.Package Included:1x Bidet Attachment1 x Brass T-connecto2 x Metal Thin fixing plate2 x Plastic thick fixing plate1 x Stainless Steel Flexible Hose (2.13 ft)1 x Installation InstructionsNote:1.Please check whether the built-in waterproof washer is missing before installing the T-adapter.2.If water leakage occurs during installation, it may be due to the connectors did not align or Not tightened. Please check the installation instructions for details.3.We have prepared two pairs of holders with different thicknesses for the toilet bidet in the packaging. For matching different toilet seat links, please choose and install according to your toilet.

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