YOGEON Woodworking plane,Hand planer, Block Hand Plane Planer Wooden Tool, Perfect for Woodworking, Trimming, Wood Planing, Surface Smoothing

Greater control】This premium planing plane is the perfect tool to help you perfect the shape and dimensions of wood or to give it a final finish. Nothing says woodworking like hand planes. The frog and base are a sturdy one-piece casting.

Greater accuracy】The plane is made of high quality steel, sharper and more durable! Both planes have blades machined from thick 1/8” steel for minimal chatter, and are precision ground for flatness. Precision ground cutter allows for cutting with greater accuracy and confidence.

High quality construction】The TV remote control stand is allow you to move the entire remote easily and reduce your desk clutter down to almost zero, keep your desk neat tidy, the best choice for your office, school and home use. Two wood boards can be detached by hand, which means cleaning up is simple.

Comfortable handle grip】The handle with a contoured design fit comfortably in the hand, making this planer easy to hold and control. The compact size fits anywhere without taking up the entire surface, keep your table looking stylish and chic.

Widely Use】Our hand plane for DIY allows you to tackle a range of professional and DIY wood projects. Friendly to woodworkers of all skill levels from beginner to advanced, perfect for cutting, polishing and deburring woodworking surfaces.

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Whether you are an experienced carpenter or are just experimenting with plywood, the Hand Plane will help you to get the job done with a professional looking finish. he planes represent a live, evolving product line that incorporates input from users, experts and the manufacturer to produce the best working planes possible. Features: 2&1/2″ wide x 4&1/8″ long with a 1&11/16″ wide blade / 10.5x6x3 cm Ideal for flattening, squaring and initial smoothing Soles and sides machined flat and square Sole of plane and back of blade are flat to tight tolerances Fully machined frogs High carbon steel blades Superior strength and resistance to impact Perfect for trimming and adjusting miters, joinery and fitting doors and drawers

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