GP500520 Pressure Balancing Unit Cartridge Replacement, Compatible With Kohler Shower Cartridge, Kohler Shower Valve, Rite-Temp Bath and Shower 1/2″ Single Handle valves

WIDE COMPATIBILITY – It is great replacement for kohler pressure balancing valve with 1/2″single handle for most kohler shower parts, compatible for KOHLER GP500520, GP77759, GP77886, and GP71969 valve mixers

CONSTANT PRESSURE – Work as well as Kohler gp500520 and make sure the pressure in the shower room is constant and preset the temperature. If the cold water suddenly cuts off during using, the pressure balancing unit will automatically close the hot water inlet within 1 second to avoid burns

TEMPERATURE CONTROL – The shower cartridge controls the water temperature while allowing the maximum safe water temperature. What you get is no longer frozen cold water or scalded hot water

NO LEAKAGE – It’s made of high-quality material for enhanced durability. All rubber gasket O-rings are included in the package for the valve core and rite temp pressure balancing valve which will not cause valve leakage, Including O-rings for GP77759, GP77886, GP71969 caps and GP30320 plate

EASY TO INSTALL – it’s easy to replace original accessories including kohler shower cartridge and no need professional plumbers, just make sure to turn off the water before you start, you can also use some grease for full application

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To solve the problem that rite temp pressure balancing valve distributes hot and cold water correctly: Is shower temperature control become unpredictable? Suddenly cold and hot, it will never mix correctly? You need the pressure balance valve unit to make the shower work steadily for a long time. The shower pressure balance device is better replacement for kohler shower cartridge helps you solve the temperature adjustment problem immediately. When the hot water pressure increases or the cold water pressure decreases, the ceramic water control mechanism in the balance valve core will automatically control the flow of cold water or hot water, so that the temperature of the mixed water is stabilized at the preset temperature. What you get from here is no longer just cold cold water or scalded hot water.

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