Edge Supply White Melamine 3/4 inch X 250 ft roll of White Edge Banding – Pre-glued Flexible Edging – Easy Application Iron-On Edging for Cabinet Repairs, Furniture Restoration (3/4 inch x 250 ft)

WHITE MELAMINE EDGE BANDING – this roll of white edge banding is of superior quality and pre-glued with strong adhesive. Perfect for repairing or finishing off cabinets, DIY projects, shelving or repairing furniture, this edging will give a smooth, neat finish to your projects

SUPERIOR QUALITY MELAMINE EDGE BANDING – made to last, this white roll of cabinet edge banding is durable and supplies a high-quality finish. Pre-glued, our edge banding is ready for your application and easy to use without snagging or splitting

PRE-GLUED FLEXIBLE EDGE BANDING – pre-glued with top-quality, hot melt adhesive, our veneer edge banding is super easy to apply with a household iron. The extra strong hot melt glue is evenly distributed on the banding strip for a strong, permanent bond

EASY TO APPLY – this white edge banding is very easy to apply by simply placing it onto your item, then applying firm, hot heat with a household iron. Supplied tightly rolled up, our melamine edging is easy to hold for accuracy. An edge banding machine is of course suitable to use for application if you have one in your toolkit

VERSATILE FOR A RANGE OF SURFACES – trimming edge banding is used to enhance and supply a complete look to your shelving and cabinetry. You can use this edge banding on either flat or cylindrical objects and it adheres well to various surfaces including plywood, metal, wood or hardboard

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Top quality melamine edge banding Use this excellent quality white edge banding to repair chips, dents, water stains and outdated colors on your shelves, cabinets and other furniture. Finishing your project with edge banding increases the durability of your project and gives it a modern, neat, completed look. Pre-glued, ready to apply white edge banding This roll of trimmed edge banding is already pre-glued with strong adhesive, providing a permanent, yet conspicuous bond to your item. The glue is activated by heat and will strongly apply the cabinet edging to your project with no splitting or snagging. You will receive a roll of melamine edge banding, iron-on white melamine edge banding with your purchase. Easy to apply cabinet edge banding Applied with either a regular household iron, hair dryer or edge banding machine, this white edge banding is really easy and quick to apply. Position the edge banding onto your plywood or other surface and smooth over with a hot iron or other heat source. Your melamine edge banding is impregnated with a high-speed hot-melt glue that creates a permanent and long-lasting bond. BUY NOW and repair your cabinets, furniture and other DIY projects with our superior quality, iron-on white melamine edge banding!

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