Bidet Toilet Seat – Toilet Sprayer Bidet – Toilet Seat Water Spray Jet – Adjustable Water Pressure Bidet Sprayer – Bidet Sprayer for Toilet – Smart Toilet – Include Toilet Seat Bumper by DECORUS

_xdca7_ NO NEED TO CLEAN THE NOZZLE: The DECORUS bidet sprayer cleans you better than you ever could with its self-cleaning and retractable nozzle, which thoroughly rinses the device after each use, and retracts behind a protective cover. Powered by two T adapters, a toilet seat bumper, and a metal braided tube the nozzle is self protective & self cleaning allowing you years of usage and easy maintenance.

_xdca7_ ADJUST THE PRESSURE TO YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Unlike other water sprayers that are too strong, or with low water pressure, with the DECORUS you are in complete control. The water pressure is highly controllable, so you can adjust the appropriate flow intensity according to your preference.

_xdca7_ SAVE ENERGY & TOILET PAPER: Embrace a sustainable lifestyle and reduce toilet paper use! Our non-electric water pressure toilet sprayer reduces the amount of toilet paper needed, and is energy-saving which helps with environmental protection.

_xdca7_ INSTALL FAST & EASY: Don’t you hate it when you buy a product and the installation is a hassle? DECORUS was designed for quick and easy installation! It comes with quality accessories, including a toilet seat bumper, as well as all installation tools needed to set up the Non-Electric bidet washer in minutes. Installs on most standard two-piece toilets and some one-piece toilets.

_xdca7_ QUALITY YOU CAN DEPEND ON: Unlike similar toilet bidet rinsers who break and stop working after short use, the DECORUS bidet toilet attachment was engineered for longevity by using thick ABS material and advanced production technology. Its durable, simple, and exquisite design, gives it a clean and streamlined appearance. Equip your toilet with a modern and highly practical bidet attachment sprayer crafted for your top-notch hygiene!

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