Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet, Non-Electric Dual Nozzle (Posterior/Feminine Wash) Fresh Water Sprayer Bidet for Toilet, Adjustable Water Pressure Toilet Seat Attachment with Brass Inlet (Rose Gold and White)

THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR FIRST TRY! – Can’t afford a bidet seat but wish to have a healthier cleansing experience? The Veken bidet seat attachment is the solution you were looking for, offering a comfortable cleansing experience at only a fraction of the price. Moreover, you can enjoy the convenience of not having to connect it to the power supply as it is non-electric. Also, don’t panic about toilet paper shortage any longer as our bidet cuts your paper waste by 80%.

TAILORED CONTROL & DUAL CLEANSING MODE – The two cleansing modes and water pressure adjustment can easily be selected by simply twisting a control knob. The Posterior Mode offers a more thorough and complete wash after pooping, while the Feminine Mode is gentler and provides you with softer cleansing required by pregnant women or for monthly cycles. The water pressure in the two modes increases as you twist the knob further to the respective side.

THIN & DURABLE – Our ultrasonic welding technology makes the bidet only 0.24 inches thick yet durable enough to support the inner structure frame. The unique design provides support, maintains the toilet seat level and fits more comfortably with standard toilets.

HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS – This bidet toilet seat attachment is built with high quality ABS material and solid brass parts for a higher durability. Unlike other traditional bidets, our bidet comes with a brass water inlet and a T-adapter. The brass water inlet is more compatible with the stainless flexible steel hose, hence, reducing product damage as it diminishes the risk of leakage.

10-MINUTE INSTALLATION – Just make sure your toilet’s measurements fall within the guidelines as provided by us. Veken provides simple and detailed installation instructions and videos for your convenience, ensuring your installation is straight forward.

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