XHF 81 PCS Lever Wire Nut and 71 PCS Mounting Clips Series and Parallel Kit Wire Compact Connectors Assortment with 75 PCS Self Tapping Screw.

[Meet numerous wiring requirements] A total of 81 parallel and series lever nuts, equipped with fixed clips and screws, can meet almost all your wiring requirements.

【Safe and efficient】 It has the fewest installer possibilities for error of any connector, like not tightening wire properly or with sufficient torque. It is very good at preventing thermal cycling release of wires connected together.If you are a DIY person these guys will make you sleep better at night when doing your own wiring projects.

【Universal compatibility】The connector for joining braided and solid wire and wires of differing sizes. They work with most every gauge of normal household wiring: ceiling fans, sockets, switches, cars, motorcycles, ships, loudspeakers, lamps, electrical boxes, chandeliers, light switches, fan controls, and much more.

【Convenient and practical】 Just lift up the lever, insert the stripped wire, and press the lever closed,holds tight and makes a solid connection.These are a good purchase for those of people that are doing electrical projects or work where you need to connect lots of wires. Sometimes you need to jumper something or run tests on a circuit .they do not mess up the wire ends nearly as much,keeping electrical boxes relatively roomy and not having to twist a fistful of copper wire together.

【Revolution】 If you’ve never used them, get some.We believe that you will be excited when using these little gems:”I think I’m too spoiled to go back to using traditional , old-school wire nuts now.”

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How to use our products: First Step Strip the wire according to the specified length. Second Step Dismantle the orange operation handle straight and plug the wire into the hole. Third Sted lower the handle. Problems in our lives: Because the electrical tape, the wiring cap and other connections are prone to aging, falling off, poor insulation performance, etc., the safety hazard is formed, which may cause personal injury such as electric shock or a short circuit of the wire to cause a fire. In addition, as the use of home appliances increases, the power load increases, such as poor contact at the wire connection (excessive resistance at the connection), and large resistance and large current cause heat increase, which will be a huge safety hazard. XHF solves these problems: The XHF connector completely avoids the above-mentioned safety hazards caused by poor connection; our connector uses ROHS-compliant materials and is environmentally friendly; the shell is made of flame-retardant transparent PC, nylon PA66, and the conductor is tinned with pure copper. Small, low electrical loss, imported stainless steel circlip, and durable, reusable.

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