36W Dual USB Type C With Power Delivery Wall Outlet With Dual Tamper-Resistant Plugs

Future proof your home with this Dual Plug and USB Type-C wall outlet that features Power Delivery (PD) fast charging for all of your compatible devices. Charge up to 10X faster, free up outlets and consolidate chargers with this outlet’s ports that deliver 36W if used individually and 18W if used together.

Power Delivery allows you to charge your compatible Apple devices faster than conventual chargers – a whopping 80% in 35 minutes! It’s also fully backward compatible so any older devices will still charge at their regular rate.

ETL approved and 15A tamper resistant due to a shutter mechanism inside the outlet that blocks access to contact unless a 2 prong plug is inserted, this outlet’s UCB Type-C ports have an output range of 5V/9V/12V (36W Max) or 18W if both ports are used.

Built for standard American power outlets, this outlet has an AC input of 125V at 50-60Hz and provides an AC output of 100-240V. Features standard grounding with all electrical components made of phosphor bronze, a copy alloy that contains tin and phosphorous and is known for being corrosion resistant and an excellent conductor of electricity.

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