Stud Finder, Upgraded 6 in 1 Wall Scanner with 5 Scanning Modes & Digital Level to Scan Stud, Metal, AC Wire, Wood, LCD Display and Sound Warning for Easier Scanning (Grey)

Upgraded 6-in-1 Wall Scanner: The VIVREAL stud finder provides 5 scanning modes and digital level. The stud mode is for finding and locating the wood and metal studs in drywall up to 1/2″(13mm) deep & 1″(25mm). DEEP mode is for 1.5″(38mm) deep studs. Metal mode is for locating metal up to 2.36″ (60 mm) deep. And AC wires scan is for locating live AC wires up to 2″ (51mm) deep.

Automatic Calibration for Accuracy:Well equipped with automatical self- calibration technology, this stud sensor provides users with maximum reliability and accuracy. Please kindly noted that the calibration needs to be done by holding the stud finder on the wall where there are no wood studs, AC wires or metal. Completing calibration until the BEEP sound and screen shows disappear. Begin detection after the calibration.

Read the Wall from LCD Display : VIVREAL digital stud finder Screen will display detection mode, signal strength, battery and angular measurement of the digital level. With the aid of graphical display, you can easy to find the stud and know the angle which can help your detection simple but efficient.

Beep Singnal Alert: Sensitive wall stud detector with sound and dynamic graphics. The wall stud scanner offers many visible and audible cues with its LCD and beep signal alert. The beep alert will be triggered when the stud is found. When the signal bar is full and the beep is loud, the center of the object has been found.

Easy and Fast Opreation:Easy single-hand operation and handy design. Mode Selecting button: On the middle of the wall stud detector is used for selecting from different scanning modes. Scan button: On the left side of the device. Press and hold to calibrate and scan. The VIVREAL stud finder wall scanner can help you easily and quickly detect the objects behind walls.

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