Vampire Tools VT-001-SS World’s Best Solder Sucker Compact and Durable Aluminum Body/Heat Resistance Silicone Nozzle+Spare Silicone Tube, Makes a Best Gift must have for any de-soldering needs SS-02

Innovative Silicone Nozzle allows closer placement to soldering iron tip (therefore better suction & better solder removal.

Compact design allows easy one-handed operation. Self-cleaning shaft allows high productivity of continual work without clogging.

Withstands direct contact with soldering iron (350C Max).

Made in Japan with highest quality construction & components. High-powered.

Low maintenance cost, owing to spare tube, only required for replacement.

, 0092624763355, 092624763355

Elastic and heat-resistant nozzle can stick to soldering iron on board closely and suck up solder powerfully with less residue. Plunger is within easy reach of thumb. It is ideal for one-hand operation in continuous work. Heavy duty aluminum body. Built in self-cleaning shaft to prevent clogging. Silicone nozzle heat-resistant (up to 350°C) causes efficient, high powered absorption.

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