20inch Nema 10-30P to 14-30R Dryer Adapter Cord, STW 10-AWG Heavy Duty 3-Prong Dryer Male to 4-Prong Dryer Female Adapter, 10-30P to 14-30R with Additional Green Ground Wire

The adapter length is 1.5-Feet. Approximately 45CM All the power cables we are selling passed 100% related safety and durable testing.

Connect the Nema 10-30P male plug to the female wall socket of Nema 10-30R, and plug the dryer 14-30P plug to the female cable socket (neam 14-30R).

Nema 10-30P 3-Prong Dryer male plug, 30-AMP 125/250V to Nema 14-30R 4-Prong female receptacle 30AMP 250V.

10-AWG STW Heavy duty Cord 100% copper wire, durable and solid cord. Support max. 7500 watts, Safe and easy for use.

The additional GREEN ground wire is very important, Please connect the ROUND TERMINAL of the green wire to the Grounding hole of 15AMP or 20AMP 125V household wall socket/outlet/power strip/extension cord etc. because the 10-30R socket does not has grounding wire.(dryer adapter 3prong to 4 prong dryer plug adapter 4 to 3 prong dryer outlet adapter 4 prong to 3 prong 3 to 4)

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dryer 14-30 Plug connect to 10-30 outlet, 30 AMP, 7500 Watts. Length : 18 inch (1.5 feet).with 15 feet long additional grounding wire Molded with electroplate copper terminal in order to avoid surface oxidation effectively. Used 10AWG stranded copper inner wire, support max 30 Amp overload. 10-30P to 14-30R, Dryer Adapter Cord 4 prong to 3 prong dryer adapter cord Dryer 3 prong plug to 4 prong receptacle with additional grounding wire and terminal.For use when you need to connect your 4-pole dryer with 14-30 Plug connect to 3-pole 10-30 outlet to get power, this adapter cord can solve your need Outside Ground wire more safety to make grounding into a 15A or 20A grounding pole on the outlet of the wall. Must be connected the additional green grounding wire before use Dryer.

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