Cabinet Hardware Jig Aluminum Alloy Cabinet Drawer Drilling Template Jig Punch Locator Drill Guide Cabinet Handle Template Tool Door Handle and Knob Punch Locator for Easy Installation

Our cabinet hardware jig is made from industry-grade aluminum alloy, higher accurate, sturdy and durability than other ABS plastic jig.

Cabinet hardware jig use for install kitchen drawers, cabinets, cupboards, door handles, flap,drawer fronts, picture frames and other applications need location and drill.

Avoid Costly Do-Overs With our High-Quality, Highly-Accurate, Professional Woodworking Jig Kit!

Drill Holes With Speed, No Marking Or Clamping, Every Installation Takes only one minute, Save 80% time.

The hardware jig is detachable and portable. Take the parts apart and reattach them conveniently. Comes with a storage bag, can carry everywhere conveniently.

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Precision is essential when it comes to install knobs and pulls. And that?s why you can?t trust cheap plastic templates and jigs. Our cabinet jig tool is designed for the accuracy you need in your everyday job. With this tool, you can work with high precision without going wrong. It?s a simple jig that makes the whole installation process a breeze. Constructed from industry-grade aluminum alloy, this tool will easily outlast your mounting needs. The most important part of this jig which is the ruler is made from high-quality stainless steel for long lasting. This tool comes with a nice storage bag that you can use to keep all the attachments parts like the small wrench and drill bits. Accuracy isn?t a problem for this tool, and you only need to set this once and repeat the process. The best part of this is that it allows you to work with a variety of hardware handle lengths. Since it is all metal parts, you won?t have to worry about it losing shape or any bending issue. So accuracy won?t be an issue.

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