Mini Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Small Wireless Video Camera Full HD 1080P Night Vision Motion Sensor Support SD Card for iPhone Android Video Detection Security Nanny Surveillance Cam

RELAX. STOP WORRYING. THIS SMART LITTLE EYE KEEPS YOU UPDATED – Have I hired the right nanny? Has my cat destroyed the new carpet? STOP! Plant this mini security camera anywhere (home, office, hotel room). When in doubt, check recordings. The 100% discrete way to keep your belongings and your loved ones safe. A perfect baby/pet monitor or nanny cam.

WEMLB [WE MAKE LIFE BETTER] – We’ve designed the most intelligent secret security camera on the market. With the latest motion detection technology, loop recording, WIFI streaming, this little guy can fool anyone since it looks and functions exactly like a normal USB wall charger. No tell-tale signs to give away the covert cam. Now you can record videos while charging your phone or tablet. Nobody will know!

100% Concealing & EASY-TO-USE DESIGN – Unbox it, plug it aaaand…Action! Your high definition nany video is on. You can access this ultimate security camera’s livestreaming straight from your smartphone by using the phone app. And if you worry about recording, don’t! You can store it right in your mobile’s app, too. No unplugging, inserting or pulling any SD card (which, BTW, is optional). The perfect security!

LIVE REMOTE VIEW, CONTROL & ALERTS FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND – This undetectable 100% concealed surveillance camera captures hours of recording that you can access live or review later on your desktop or portable devices. Painless set up via Wi-Fi. The smart video motion sensor technology sends instant app notifications whenever it detects suspicious activities. You can also receive live alerts by email.

TWO-YEARS HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – Yes, at WEMLB, we promise you two years of phenomenal full HD1080p video surveillance quality. Hassle free & 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every micro WEMLB nanny cam recorder comes with excellent customer service. Get one for you, one for your momma, BFF or paranoid colleague at work who constantly worries about the new nanny. Make your & their life better!

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?What is your dog/ cat / up to when home alone? Is the cleaning lady going through your drawers? Are your kids getting along with the new nanny? Do your elderly parents receive proper care? It’s ok to worry about your loved ones or belongings, but how about enjoying life more? Stop fretting! See what’s going on when you’re not around with the smartest Concealing security camera system. ?The WEMLB 1080P HD built-in 100% Concealing security camera – We simply Make YOUR Life Better! Top-quality covert Wi-Fi cam that looks + functions just like a USB phone charger. ?Ridiculously easy to set up. Just plug and play!?Well-designed. Intelligent. Convenient?Best discreet camera to monitor kids, nannies, pets?Portable, powerful?100% Concealing – NO visible lens at all, impossible to detect. ?Use this micro security camera as baby monitor, pet cam or to ensure home security while you’re at work/on vacation/ business trip – know your luggage is safe through this tiny eye, concealed in a plugged-in charger. ?THE ULTIMATE security CAMERA MONITORING – POWERFUL SPECS ?Real-time video recording. Live streaming + loop recording to playback captured footage at any time?Wi-Fi IP ready. Sync the charger covert camera with your phone?Remote View + Control from any iOS/Android device via a cool APP?Motion Detection Recording. This USB charger covert camera has accurate video motion sensor – reports suspicious activity as it happens?Live email/in-app notifications. When red flag signs/moves occur, WEMLB wifi security camera alerts you?Great storage capacity – up to 128GB (SD Card Not Included). ?Best Undercover Camera security, built to last a Lifetime.?ADD TO CART now for years of confidence + security!?Our built-in covert nanny cam is an excellent gift.

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