Precision Defined Deck Stain Brush | Large 7-Inch Deck Brush for Paints, Stains and Sealers (7-Inch)

FINISH QUICKER AND SAVE TIME: The only time your honey asks you to finish quicker – get Precision Defined Ultimate Deck Brush to finish staining your deck, patio or porch in record time. Easily coat each wood panel with a wide 7-inch brush applicator in one simple sweep.

VERSATILE FOR PAINTS, STAINS, SEALERS: Universal application for paints, stains, waterproofers, and sealers for both rough and smooth surfaces. The bristles are firm enough to be used on a natural wood surface and even hard enough to be used on concrete floors. These bristles have a long life with good care after use.

UNIVERSAL THREAD: Compatible with most paint extension poles, utility poles and flow-thru extension poles, the deck brush was made for universal application. The brush was designed for most household brooms and paint extension poles – so you can easily grab what you have to get the job done fast.

DURABLE, PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BRUSH: Durable deck brush that is built from the ground up with high quality materials. From the natural wood brush head to the firm bristles doing the brushing, each deck brush goes through rigorous testing before sending it off to you. No bristles shedding. No replacement pads. We know getting that job done is priority #1, and the deck brush quality is no exemption. Feel the professional quality difference and see how durable this brush will last.

GUARANTEE: At Precision Defined, we stand behind our products. We’re so confident that this 7-Inch Deck Brush is better than any you can find in your local hardware store that we offer a full guarantee. Even if you start your project and dislike the brush while staining, we’ll make sure to get you a replacement or refund so you get your project done right.

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We know you?re tired of the long arduous process of staining and sealing your deck,every single year. It used to take forever on your hands and knees with handheld paint brushes, brushing up and down, left and right. Say no more! Introducing the Precision Defined Ultimate Deck Brush, the most durable, professional quality brush for staining, sealing and painting your deck, patio or porch. Gone are the days of crawling on your hands and knees getting every wood crack come spring. Instead, simply screw in a long paint brush extender with the PD deck brush and stain away! Get the job done 2x faster while at the same time saving your back and knees. With your Precision Defined Deck Brush, you can use both water and oil based paints, stains, and sealers; including very thick desk restore paints! That?s not all – you can use your Deck Brush to seal concrete, pavers and brickwork with your favorite sealer and paints. Built with heavy duty bristles and natural wood enclosure, the deck brush will be your best tool to get those decks done in half the time it used to.Precision Defined 7-Inch Deck BrushFinish quicker get the job in half the time with the ultimate deck brushVersatile for use with paints, stains and sealers on a variety of surfaces ranging from wood to concreteUniversal pole threads to fit most paint extension poles, utility poles and flow-thru extension polesEasy to clean after every use. Note, if using an oil based stain, paint or sealer, use a paint solvent or mineral turpentine to get rid of the oil-based liquid. Use a metal comb to loosen the fibers back up after every wash Technical Specifications:Deck Brush: 7″ Wide × 2″ ThickLong Bristles and attaches to extension pole (not included)

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