POWERTEC 71519 24-Inch Miter Gauge Jig and Fixture Bar for Woodworking

INCLUDES: (1) Jig and Fixture Bar with a set of 10-32 nylon adjustment screws (mounting hardware)

APPLICATION: A necessary addition to your collection of workshop tools for creating woodworking jigs and fixtures for your router table, band saw or table saw

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Features 6 countersunk mounting holes along the top of the bar (plus an additional non-countersunk hole), with 8 tapped holes (10/32”) on the side – All holes are clean and burr free

VERSATILITY: The top mounting holes are 5” on center, while the side mounting holes are 3-3/4” on center – providing you with a host of mounting options

QUALITY BUILD: This miter gauge bar is manufactured with high precision aluminum – delivering a polished profile, excellent fit and long-term durability

71519, 0843441105312, 843441105312

Introducing the Miter Gauge Jig and Fixture Bar by POWERTEC.   This miter bar was designed to help your produce quality results when building jigs and fixtures for your router table, band saw, and other woodworking tools using a table saw miter slot. With it?s highly functional design, this aluminum bar is precision machined for a highly accurate fit with minimal movement.   Premium and Versatile Design Our Jig and Fixture Bar is 24 inches long, and possesses flat, straight profile. It flaunts six countersunk mounting holes along the top that are approximately 5? on center. (TIP: #8 wood screws fit exceptionally well.) An extra hole along the top is included. Along the side, this bar possesses eight 10-32 tapped holes that are 3-3/4? on center. These holes are for adjustment screws so that the bar can fit the saw miter slot to perfection. All of the holes are burr free.   Package Contains 24? Jig and Fixture Bar Mounting Hardware (8,10-32 adjustment screws and 6, #8 flat head wood screws, ¾? long)   POWERTEC is a leading manufacturer of high quality woodworking tools and accessories, machines, and an assortment of OEM replacement parts. We are committed to exceeding expectations, while bringing the latest innovations, technology, and product development to the industry.

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