YEFU Tile Leveling System 1/16″ Kit Include 300 pcs Tile Spacers Clips and 120 pcs Reusable Wedges and 1 pc Floor Tiles Pliers for Living Room Shower Base Tile Leveler Tools for Installation

EFFICIENT POSITIONING, IMPROVE PAVING EFFICIENCY】This tile leveling system solves the slow construction, prevents tiles from being uneven, helps you to improve the tiling speed, effectively improves the flatness after laying tiles, quickly and easily tiling, saving time and effort.

300PCS PVC TILE SPACERS AND 120PCS TILE WEDGES】High-quality PVC forged tile spacers (one-time), suitable for 1/8’’-1/2’’(3~12mm)thickness tiles, tile gap >1/16 ‘’(1.5mm) and <1/8 ‘’(3mm), excellent tool for floor/wall installation, tile spacers has thin design of the cut, can be quick disassembly. Wedge spacers for tile contact tile area is larger, easier to level (Tips: Please ensure that the cement is fully solidified and remove disposable PVC spacers. Usually after 24 hours).

EASY TO LEVELING TILE, EVEN SEAMS, EASY AND QUICK TILING】The new 1/16 inch (1.5mm) tile leveling system helps DIY, which makes the gap between the tiles uniform and improve the efficiency of laying tiles, even for novices. One tile is recommended to use 4 tile leveler spacers, 12” square tiles (Laying area approximately 75 sq.ft), 6”x 20” (Laying area approximately 62.5 sq.ft) and 12”x 24′ ‘(Laying area approximately 150 sq.ft.). If tile is large, it is recommended to use 6 spacers.

BRING YOU A RELAXED LABOR-SAVING PLIERS】Our Tile Leveling System kit comes with a labor-saving push-on pliers (no need to buy), so you can easily push tile clips and wedges, tightly fixed. The pliers are adjustable in 6 gear positions, flexible in use, metal material, and labor-saving and comfortable.

AFTER-SALES WORRY-FREE】We provide 30-day refund and exchange service if have any tile leveling system kit problem. In order to better serve you, if you encounter any product problems after purchase, you can send an email to or reply directly to us. We will provide effective help within 24 hours

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How to install: 1. Apply a proper amount of cement glue 2. Place the spacer according to the size of the tile 3. Square the tile and tapit with a rubber hammer 4. Insert tile wedges 5. Adjust the pliers screwsto determine the pushing distance (to ensure that each wedge is pushed at the same distance to ensure the same level of tile) 6. Push the wedge with pliers 7. Clean the gap betweenthe cement 8. One tile suggests usefour tile spacers 9. After 24 hours, kick out it, or tap the side of the rubber hammer  Note: 1. Before putting tiles, remember to erase some of the cement on the edge of tile. Do not fill up the tiles with cement. This will prevent the cement from being wrapped in the clamps after tile clips are placed. The solidification will affect the removal of clips. 2. If there is too much cement in the gap between the tiles, it is recommended to clean them with tools such as blades.  Product portfolio: 1. 300 pcs disposable PVC 1/16 tile spacers Environmentally friendlyand non-toxic, when they are placed between two tiles, the seams are even, wedges and pliers are fixed and clamped, and the cement in the gaps on both sides of the PVC spacers is cleaned with small tools (to prevent the cement from coagulating).When the cement solidifies, use a rubber hammer to break the spacer base from side 2. 120 pcs reusable tile wedges Wear and pressure resistance. Lengthening and widening, the insert area is larger, greatly improving the flatness of the tile surface. 3. Labor-saving pliers The labor-saving lever design has large clamping force. Push wedges to make it tightly fixed. The 6 gear positions can be adjusted to save effort and comfort. Product List: 1) 300 tile spacers 2) 120 reusable green tile wedges 3) 1 push pliers

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