Holispa Rain Shower Head-6? High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head with angle adjustable-Tool Free Installation-Removable Flow Restrictor, Matte Black

HIGH WATER PRESSURE:Generously sized 6″ diameter rainshower provide a steady, full-coverage spray, perfect for every shower need, from rinsing shampoo from hair to relaxing tired muscles.

BRASS SWIVEL BALL JOINT: Shower’s BRASS swivel ball allows you to adjust any angle of the shower head after installation.Shower angle can be easily adjusted to accommodate both kids and adults providing perfert shower experience for every family member.

REMOVABLE FLOW RESTRICTOR: Water flow restrictor can be removed if your want to get higher water pressure.Detailed instructions are included in our package.please remember to check your local plumbing codes and regulations before removal.

EASY CLEANING NOZZLES : Mineral deposits in water can build up in shower nozzles over time causing clogging nozzle and spliting spray. Our silicone-made nozzles allow easy cleaning – simply pull and push the nozzle aside will get the job done in seconds.

EASY TO INSTALL: Connect to standard 1/2″ threaded connection point for both wall mounting and ceiling mounting.Installation can be completed in few minute without the cost of hiring a plumber.Please note: shower arm is not included.

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Have a more enjoyable shower with the 6-inch Rain Shower Head from Holispa. Feel the relaxation of being fully drenched in the shower, with a flow pattern that brings a downpour of water over you each and every time. The Rain shower head is easy to clean too, with nozzles that can be easily cleaned from lime and calcium buildup. 

 Product Features? 

 ?Drenching shower spray that mimics the feeling of rain 

 ?Easy to clean spray nozzles 

 ?Beautiful finishes that are scratch and tarnish resistant 

 ?Pressure compensating flow device provides a consistent flow over a wide pressure range 

 ?Flow rate of 2.5 gpm helps to save water 

 ?Matte blackl finish

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