Brooklyn Pipe Vintage Finish | 1/2″ x 12″ Inch Heavy Duty Schedule 40 Industrial Pipe | 10 Pack Threaded Pipe Nipple for DIY Shelving and Furniture

VINTAGE FINISH – Featuring a deep industrial gray color, and a smooth surface the Brooklyn Pipe Vintage Finish collection will complement any project. The Vintage Finish is a great choice and will give your project an authentic industrial feel.

HEAVY DUTY – The Brooklyn Vintage Finish provides the same heavy duty industrial pipe nipples as the big box stores, at a fraction of the price. Our Schedule 40 pipe weighs 1.2 ounces per inch of pipe which is almost twice as heavy as some of the competition. Don’t be fooled into buying thin walled, lightweight pipe.

NO STICKERS – If you’ve worked with pipe before, you know how time consuming and frustrating it is to remove the stickers that are attached to every pipe. Once the stickers are removed you need to use a strong solvent to remove the adhesive. Our schedule 40 steel pipes are free of stickers and adhesives. Our pipes come right off the production line with only a thin coating of oil to prevent the pipes from rusting.

SUPPORT AMERICAN BUSINESS – We are a small business in New York and offer the best customer service in the industry. We take pride in helping out customers and we’re always available to help. If you have a question about your project or need some help with an order, reach out to us anytime. You can email us through the Amazon messaging system or call/text us at 516-778-5678.

BROOKLYN PIPE – We have a full line of pipe fittings to help out with your project. We also feature the same heavy duty pipe in a Sandblasted finish. The sandblasted pipes are slightly lighter in color and have a textured surface. The texture greatly improves paint adhesion making the Sandblast finished pipes the obvious choice if you’re planning to paint the pipe.

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Brooklyn Pipe Vintage Finish Every DIY project is different so we?re excited to introduce theBrooklyn Vintage Collection . These pipes are just like old school black pipe you find at your local hardware or plumbing supply company. Featuring a deep gray/black color and a smooth surface, the Vintage Collection from Brooklyn Pipe has a great industrial look and fee. Finished with an extra light coat of oil which ensures that your pipes will arrive rust free.Cleaning & Sealing We get asked all the time if it?s necessary to seal our products. While we do recommend sealing in most cases, a general rule of thumb is if you are placing your project in a room that has high levels of humidity (bathrooms, kitchens), you?re going to want to seal them. It only takes a few minutes but will ensure your pipe projects last years to come. Step 1: Remove the thin layer of oil by wiping down the pipe with a rag with acetone, mineral spirits or other solvent will do the trick. You can even use a dry paper towel or rag, you don?t need to be perfect here. Step 2: Seal your fittings with either paste finishing wax (our favorite) or polyurethane. These 2 sealants will provide all the corrosion protection you need while maintaining the look and feel of the industrial pipe. Step 3: Start building your project!CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER: 516-778-5678

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