Lynn Manufacturing Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Insulation, 1″ Thick x 24″ x 32″, 2400F Fireproof Insulation Blanket, 3025E

FIRE PROOF INSULATION: Ceramic fiber blanket insulation, rated to 2400 F

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 1″ Thick x 24″ X 32″, density 8 lb/ft3, made in the USA

USES: Wood stove baffle, fireplace, pellet stove, chimney, furnace, boiler, pizza ovens and forge

USES: Brazing, soldering, welding, foundry, kiln, refractory, glass blowing, and jewelry making

SAFETY: See Important Safety Information below

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Fireproof:  Kaowool ceramic insulation blanket withstands direct flame, continuous use at 2200 ?, intermittent use at 2400 ?.   Above 2400 ? it will begin to shrink, become brittle and eventually melt at 3200 ?.
Thermal conductivity:  The R-value is approximately 2.5 per inch.  For a 1000 ? hot face with 1″ of insulation, expect the cold face of the insulation to be 220 ?.
Installation: Mechanical fastening or high temperature adhesive such as sodium silicate, refractory cement or RTV silicone.
Quality: Made from premium 8lb density Cerablanket that has high insulating value, strength & durability.  Made in the USA by ISO 9001 certified Morgan Thermal Ceramics.
Chemical composition: 46% alumina, 54% silica and less than 1% impurities.
Uses:  Fireplace insert insulation, baffle blankets, wood stove insulation, kiln insulation, blacksmith forge, pizza ovens, brazing, soldering blanket, welding, pellet stove, chimney lining, furnace insulation, boiler, foundries, refractory wool , glass blowing, jewelry making, fireproof doors, fireplace insulation, muffler packing.
Product history:  Kaowool was the original ceramic blanket which has been improved and replaced by Cerablanket.  Cerablanket has lower impurities and is superior to Kaowool in all properties.  This listing is Cerablanket.
Health and safety:  We recommend using a N95 particulate respirator mask and protective gloves when handling this product. All ceramic fiber products have a hazard communication warning label and prop 65 warning for airborne fiber inhalation.

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