Balaperi Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box,Fireproof Waterproof Explosionproof Carrying Case Holder Bag,Holds 200+ Batteries AA AAA C D 9V,with Battery Tester BT-168 (Not Includes Batteries)

Safety Butler: The fireproof battery organizer storage box is made of high quality water-silicone coated glass fiber and is resistant to high temperature 2000°F (1093°C). It also has a waterproof function.The original intention of designing this fireproof battery storage case is to better organize your battery and to ensure the safety of your battery as much as possible.

For more types of batteries: 12.6*9.5*3.2 inches in size. 19.6 OZ in weight.It can hold 67 * AA, 65 * AAA, 8 * C, 6 * D, 8 * 9V, 18 * button battery (3V lithium-CR 2032, CR 2016, CR 1632, CR 2025.Duracell-1616/2025 / 2032/2016), a total of more than 200 batteries. The fire-resistant batteries holder storage box also comes with two zip pockets for battery charger and other types of batteries , making it ideal for Energizer alkaline batteries, ACDelco,Panasonic Button batt and Duracell batteries.

Compact space great way for organize: This fireproof battery compartment keeps the battery in place in the foam pre-cutting slot and prevents the contact ends from touching each other. A good way to organize the battery is to quickly and easily find the battery you need. The cut foam is retained inside, so it may take some time to remove it, but it won’t deform the internal foam, which is why we designed this approach.

Lightweight & Portable: The battery organizer storage case with tester has a double zipper and a durable handle. Easy to carry, you can put it anywhere in your home, on a drawer or on a table.

Note:Includes battery tester, does not include any battery. Super convenient for you to distinguish which batteries need to be recycled.If you have any quality issues, please let us know and your suggestions have a big impact on the upgrade of our products.

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?Why choose a fireproof battery organizer storage box?The fireproof battery organizer storage box not only can store your battery in an orderly manner, but also be fireproof, waterproof and smokeproof . It makes your battery safer and makes your home safer.? Specifications:Colour: BlackSize: 12.6*9.5*3.2 inchesMaterial:High quality Black Non-itchy Liquid Silicone Coated Fireproof FiberglassWeight: 555g / 19.6oz/1.22lbHolds Batteries:67 * AA, 65 * AAA, 8 * C, 6 * D, 8 * 9V, 18 * 3V button battery Temperature resistance: 2000 °FHigh quality and good durability.Fireproof and waterproofStore the battery safely and orderly? Function:No longer itchy, no gloves neededSuitable for storing different types of batteries, safe and orderly storage of batteries.With a durable handle and double zipper, it is flexible enough to be carried and can be stored anywhere.?Package includes: 1*Battery Organizer Storage bag +1*Battery testerPlease note:1: Please stay away from children.2: Do not wash or immerse the bag in liquid.3: This is a high-quality battery storage bag that can withstand high temperatures and fires, but like any refractory, it can’t withstand endless fires, so try your best to minimize the fire.4: Dear friend, the battery organizer storage box with battery tester to protect your battery from fire damage. But the best way to protect everything is still to keep them away from fire.

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