Sink Hose Faucet Sprayer Attachment, Hand Shower Bathroom Sink Sprayer Rinser Set for Hair Washing, Pet Dog Shower, Baby Bath, Sink Shower Hose Attachment for Utility Room, Laundry Tub

Bathroom Sink Faucet Sprayer Set】- This bathroom sink hose sprayer attachment comes with all needed accessories in a full set. Perfect for washing hair, puppy pet shower, baby bath rinsing, buckets filling, sink cleaning, buckets filling in the sink or bathtub. The sink sprayer attachment is functional to make your job done quickly. Take it easy and make it convenient to convert your sink faucet into hand shower with this sink shower hose sprayer.

Premium Quality Construction】:The faucet splitter of portable sink shower hose sprayer is built from one-piece solid brass body material. Heavy duty, wear-resist rust-proof and leak-proof. 3 Way divert function allows to switch water from faucet aerator to hand shower without detaching, convenient and quick to use. Designed with large flow channel without water flow restriction. A metal handle strip turns smoothly and operates easily.

Universal Fit】- This hand shower sink faucet sprayer is Only suitable for Round Sink Faucets with removable aerators. Faucet diverter with female thread measuring 55/64”-27(21.5mm/0.85inch), fits M22(55/64”-27) Male thread faucets with removable aerator. A free male thread adapter measuring 15/16”-27(top) and 55/64”-27(bottom), fits for M24(15/16”-27) Female faucets with removable aerator. (NOT fits shower arms, pull-out faucets, pump style faucets spout faucets and 3/4” garden faucets)

High Pressure Handheld Shower】:The shower head is 3 spray modes adjustable. Pulse, pulse+shower, shower, produces strong water spray. Water feels soft, gentle and comfortable. Great boosting shower reduces water consumption but water-saving. A simple push ON/OFF button is easy and convenient to control the hand shower. The shower head is detachable for easy clean. If not in use, turn off the faucet to avoid the hand shower under pressure and ensure to prolong its using life.

Extendable Recoil Hose & Free Shower Holder】:The elastic recoil hose is stretchable, providing more flexibility and convenience for using. It Is 1.4 FT when it shrinks, good for storage and not takes up too much room. A free shower holder is available to hold hand shower, all brass metal, easy to install with adhesive glue. No drill and no screws required, no harm to wall surface. But DO NOT install on any fragile surfaces, only for Non-Fragile surfaces.

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MINGOR Faucet Rinser Sprayer Set – Provides multi-function and efficient rinsing for bathroom, sink of dog bathing, family caring or bidet cleaning

Product Advantages:
?Luxury Sink Hose Sprayer Set: This sink hose rinser set contains all needed attachments for meeting your washing requirements.
?Two Function 3-Way Faucet Diverter:Brass faucet diverter is a 3 way valve with aerator and hand shower.
?Easy Installation: Faucet diverter with a brass slip nut, no leaks; Shower head holder is no drill and no screw needed, easy to install without plumbers. After installing the holder, dry for 48 hours before using.
?Easy Operation: Faucet diverter with a metal handle turns smoothly; 3 gear shower modes hand shower is adjustable with easy control STOP button.
?Long Enough Flexible Recoil Hose: 10 feet in length recoil hose gives you more activity area for flexibility.
?Product Qualified Tested: High quality and safe materials. 100% factory tested before shipping. No leakage.

Product Specifications:
– 100% Brand New & High Quality.
– Threads Connection: external thread: 24mm(15/16inch), internal thread: 22mm(55/64inch).
– Suitable Faucets: Works with Round/Circular faucets of M24 internal thread or M22 external thread. Not fits for Square and Irregular faucets.
– Thread Connector Material: All metal brass, sturdy.
– Hand Shower Sprayer: 3 Modes of pulse, shower+pulse, shower. A push on/off button, easy to control.
– Length of Recoil Hose: Extend to 3 meters/10 feet.
– Shower Holder Bracket: Super adhesion with the glue(included).
– Package Included: 1 * 3m Recoil Hose, 1 * Faucet Diverter Valve, 1 * Handheld Shower Head, 1 * Shower Head Holder Bracket, 1 * Brass Thread Connector, 1 * Superglue, 4 * Rubber Washers, 1 * PTFE Pipe Sealant Tape Tap.

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