Toto Toilet Replacement Parts Repair Kit with WPB Toilet Clog Preventer Sticker Sign (Universal Fill Valve 1 Pack)

INCLUDES (1) TSU99A.X Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve Assembly Kit for Toilet Tanks AND (1) WPB Tissue Only Please Vinyl Toilet Clog Prevention Sticker Sign(Total of 2 Items)

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT for most TOTO toilet tanks. See Model numbers below in Product Description Section; Resets your tank back to optimal performance

FILL VALVE ASSEMBLY KIT INCLUDES flush valve, refill tube and clamp, cone washer and nut

EASY DIY INSTALLATION with supplied instruction sheet

TISSUE ONLY PLEASE durable and washable 3 inch (H) x 5 inch (W) vinyl sticker helps save toilets, pipes, and nerves from unnecessary clogs; Apply to toilet seat lid, toilet tank, or wall

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Help guests, customers, children, clients, visitors, tenants help YOU avoid costly toilet drain clogs. The “Tissue Only Please” message is a gentle reminder to all. Coordinates with any decor. Worth it’s weight in…………..GOLD of course! To apply: 1. Clean and dry the area with soap and water (do not use Windex) … 2. Peel away paper backing and hold sticker close to target location……….. 3. Touch one edge of sticker to surface then smooth into place working from one side to the other to avoid air bubbles. Genuine TOTO adjustable universal fill valve. The adjustable height and flow rate will accommodate most TOTO toilets. Replaces valve numbers: TSU16A, TSU17A, TSU18A, TSU24A, TSU25A, TSU26A, TSU28A, TSU29A, TSU33A, TSU34A, TSU38A, TSU30A, TSU08A.5, TSU36A.10, TSU08A.6R, TSU36A.6, TSU06A.4, TSU09A.8R. Fits tank models: ST743S(R)(B), ST707S, ST804S, ST784S, ST753S, ST423S, ST424S, ST774S, ST794S, ST754S, ST423E, ST424E, ST743E(R)(B), ST794E, ST784E, ST454E, ST753E, ST754E, ST755S, ST703, ST706(R), ST723, ST733, ST406, ST405M, ST413M, ST412M, ST416M, ST464M. Fits combination models: CST853S, CST854S(L)(G), CST874S(G), CST934SF, CST853, CST854, CST863, CST864, CST863E, CST864E, CST634CEF(G), CST644CEF(G), CST854E(L), CST853E, CST604CEF(G)(R), CST614CEF(G), CST624CEF(G), CST626CEF(G), CST934EF, CST964CEF(G), CST974CEF(G), CST904, CST654MF.

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