Tile Leveling System Tiles Leveler Spacers – Lippage free tile and stone installation for PRO and DIY – 300 Piece Leveling Spacer Clips 100-Piece Reusable Wedges and 1 Installation Pliers (1/8 Inch)

_xdf3b_ 【Why choose us】 With Storystore Leveling System tile installation-great tools for floor/wall setting.The system ensures flatness between tiles avoiding movements during the mortar setting,Saves tile installation time and money with less effort, it is the best gift for professionals and DIYs who want to install the tile of wall and floor

_xdf3b_ 【100 pcs Tile Wedge】 The wedge allows for a 1/16″ minimum grout joint, and it firmly holds the tile in place, This is the most economical tile leveling system available (Notice: Tiles are pushed, not lifted, providing better tile adhesion Improves speed of tile laying)

_xdf3b_ 【300pcs Tile Clips]】 Use on Tiles 1/8″ (3mm)up to 1/2″(12mm) thick, No additional assembly tools needed!! extremely fast & easy to install & remove. Can be used for Flooring and Walling

_xdf3b_【Efficient & Beautiful】The New Innovative tile Leveling system helps DIY and Professional tile layers increase the efficiency of laying tiles and obtain a perfect, lippage-free finish.

_xdf3b_【Tiling Floor Installation Pliers】Used Friendly Handle, Fits Your Hand Well, Covered With Soft PP Material, Non-slip,The Spring With Great Stretching, Makes Good Use Of The Leverage, Save Your Energy, Help You Get The Work Done Easily And Efficiently.

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Storystore the most precise and reliable tile leveling system super kit consists of: 300 pcs clips + 100-Piece Reusable Wedges +1Piece Tiling Floor Installation Pliers

Coverage – how many to buy?

6″x24″ tiles -100 clips cover up to 25 sqft

6″x36″ tiles – 100 clips cover up to 30 sqft

12″x12″ tiles -100 clips cover up to 25 sqft

12″x24″ tiles -100 clips cover up to 40 sqft

24″x24″ tiles -100 clips cover up to 65 sqft

Coverage depends on tile quality and pattern.

Just buy one Storystore Tile leveling system, it can satisfy your request.


1.Tile wedge is sturdy and firmly holds the tile in place

2.Tiles clips prevent from warping


1. Tile system is perfectly flat surface: floor, wall or ceiling and tile

2.The tile system ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile, each tile is leveled by all tiles around it.

3. The tile system is easy and fast to install and to remove, even include DIY and trade professionals.


300 pcs tile leveling system clips
100 pcs Reusable Wedges
1 Pcs Tiling Floor Installation Pliers

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