HappyPo Easy-Bidet XL (Petrol) – with 50% larger capacity – Portable Shower for Improved Hygiene – Alternative to Washlets & Wet Wipes – Eco-Friendly – Suitable for Postpartum Issues/Hemorrhoids/CED

WELLNESS AND HYGIENE IS ONLY A STREAM OF WATER AWAY. Perhaps the easiest bidet to use in the world, just fill up and squeeze the HappyPo for a comfortable and accurate stream of water that cleans gently.

USING HAPPYPO CAN REDUCE YOUR NEED FOR TOILET PAPER BY OVER 50%. A great way to save money and trees from deforestation. HappyPo cleans better than traditional toilet paper as well so you can feel extra fresh and clean after the go.

PERFECT FOR THE SENSITIVE SKIN OF CHILDREN. The water cleans so gently that young soft skin stays that way. Helps prevent sore bottoms and is free of BPA and any kind of softener to help protect sensitive skin.

WELL SUITED FOR SENSITIVITIES AND INCREASED HYGIENE NEEDS. Perfect for sensitive skin and other conditions such as: dermatitis, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, fissures, incontinence, diarrhea, etc. – Prevent irritation today!

ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR MOTHERS AND FEMININE NEEDS. The HappyPo is very effective at maintaining cleanliness during periods and is ideal for cleaning during pregnancy and post partum care.

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We Believe in the Gentle Revolution. HappyPo is a small shower for the bottom. It helps gently clean you using nothing but a stream of water.It has all of the advantages of a full-size bidet or washlet without the installation effort or the costs.And you can take it on the go. We believe that personal wellbeing should not be expensive and be donewithout chemicals. Since our modest beginning in 2017, HappyPo has become an essential every day helperin pregnancies, for environmentalists, small children, modern men, and anyone who loves their bottom!Do you want to discover how fresh and clean you can feel after using the bathroom? Do you want to standup against the damaging trend of wet wipes? Do you no longer want rough toilet paper clouding yourwell-being? Then join us and experience the gentle revolution.100% Refreshing CleanlinessBe clean. Cleaning with water is the most thorough AND the most pleasant way to ensure that no smells orhealth hazards are left behind. It was never easier to get that freshly-showered feeling after every bathroom visit.100% Irresistible GentlenessNo more over-wiping and stressing your skin while trying to get clean. Whether you use HappyPo for your behindor your intimate areas. Perfect for your wellbeing, comfort and confidence.50% Reduction in Toilet Paper You’re not only helping yourself, you’re helping Mother Earth, too. Around 270,000 trees are cut down everyday toproduce toilet paper. By using toilet paper only for drying and with the HappyPo, you can cut this in half.A New Luxury – To-GoFill it up, clean, dry off – fresh. Self confidence has a lot to do with how your body feels. We want youto feel confident every day with HappyPo so that you can have your mind free for the nicer things in life.

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