Brightech Dimmer with Remote for Our Ambience Pro LED String Lights – Commercial Grade Dimmer Rated at 150 Watts – Create a Welcoming Atmosphere with Multiple Levels of Brightness

PERSONALIZE YOUR LIGHTS AND AMBIENCE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: Brightech’s LED dimmer brings customizable light with just the tap of a button. After a hectic day, enjoy your outdoor retreat the way you want to! With a range of up to 100 feet, this LED dimmer allows you to dim your lights to the level that you desire from wherever you are in your home! (NOTE- Dimmer may or may not be compatible with lights from other vendors – It is only guaranteed for use with Brightech LED light strands.)

EASY TO USE REMOTE MAKES IT SIMPLE TO FINE TUNE THE BRIGHTNESS OF YOUR AMBIENCE STRING LIGHTS: The included remote is simple, easy to use, and doesn’t rely on a smartphone or any other technology not included with the dimmer. Simply adjust it to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% brightness from the touch of a button. If those aren’t exactly what you want, you can use the gradient controls for more options. The choice is yours!

LED RATED DIMMER SPECIFICALLY CREATED TO ADD VERSATILITY TO YOUR AMBIENCE STRING LIGHTS: If you have an Ambience light set from Brightech, then this is the dimmer you’ve been looking for! This LED rated dimmer has a maximum wattage of 150W and is tailor-made to safely handle the wattage of our LED strands. No need to stress about any compatibility issues! (Please note this is an LED rated dimmer, made for LED string lights. This product is not compatible with incandescent string lights.)

HASSLE-FREE LED DIMMER INCLUDES MEMORY FUNCTION: Found the level of brightness you were looking for? With the Brightech LED rated dimmer you can always have the preferred brightness level readily available with the memory function. Simply adjust to the level desired and when you’re done with the lights, hit off. The next time you turn them on, they will be the same as you left off. No need for constant readjusting!

BRIGHTECH’S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3 year warranty. If your lights have any defect or stop working within 3 years, we help you troubleshoot and/or send replacement parts or a whole new product. If any problems arise, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction.

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Easy Install: Plug and Play:Brightech?s LED Dimmer makes it easier than ever to customize your outdoor space with the light settings you desire. Simply plug your string lights into the dimmer unit after they?ve been properly set up, use the included remote to adjust the lights to the desired brightness level, and your lights will be ready to go!Personalize your Ambience Pro LED string lights:This dimmer is tailor-made for Brightech Ambience LED string lights. Set your lights to a multitude of dimming settings for the personal flair you?ve been looking to add to your light strand. Sure to impress anyone you have over for a backyard event, or create that romantic atmosphere you?ve been looking for!NOTE- do NOT exceed 150 watts maximum connected to the dimmer. This includes additional connected strands that add to the total wattage. This is an LED rated dimmer and is not compatible with incandescent string lights. Overloading the unit will damage the dimmer unit and the string lights, and render your warranty void.

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