2 Pack Photoelectric Smoke Detector Sealed-in 10 Year Lithium Battery-Operated Fire Alarm

Alarm features an photoelectric sensor for smoke detection, which is effective in recognizing smoke from flaming fires such as paper and grease fires

Help keep your family safe with this battery-operated smoke alarm; the 10-year lithium-ion battery offers continuous power for the life of the alarm and provides continued monitoring even if there’s a power failure

Battery-operated unit provides continuous monitoring even if there’s a power failure: plus, it’s easy to install

Alarm also features loud 85-decibel alarm, easy mounting bracket, a single test/silence button, and an end-of-life signal so you know when to replace the unit

Complies with all current 10-year legislation in states/cities where required, No Battery Changes for the Life of the Alarm; 3V Lithium Power Cell Included

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Product Description:
Battery life: 10 years
Smoke sensitivity: 1-3%ft
Working temperature:-10°C~+50°C
Power supply:DC 3V batteries
Alarm sound:?85dB (3 meters)
Relative humidity:?95%R.H
Standby current: <5uA
Sensitivity: 1-3% ft
Hush Function: Yes
10-Year Battery Life:
The quality Panasonic lithium battery in the Elvicto Smoke Detector ensures a lengthy battery life of up to 10 years. The extra-long lifespan of the device ensures you will get accurate warnings 24/7, without needing to worry about frequently replacing expired batteries. The alarm will sound whenever there is a smoke/fire hazard within the room. The thoughtful, hassle-free and time-saving design offers you 10 years of uninterrupted protection.
Trustworthy Protection:
The alarm system is essential for the safety and protection of your family and home. This alarm is the warning you need to prevent disaster, damage to your home, or even death.
High Sensitivity & Quick Response:
The Fire Alarm adopts a highly sensitive photoelectric sensor. Once a smoke/fire hazard is detected, the red LED will flash rapidly and the 85 dB alarm will sound short, fast beeps throughout your home. If needed, you can shut off any unwanted alarm sounds using the silence button.
Hassle-Free Installation:
Two screws and two rubber plugs are included for quick installation, with no extra wiring necessary. Mount this alarm in sleeping areas or near potential sources of fire, such as living rooms, bedrooms and passageways. Protect your family’s safety in your home.

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