RP46074 Valve Cartridge Assembly Universal Compatible For Delta Tub Showers 13/14 Series, White

Replacement for Delta RP46074 Cartridge Assembly

Single-function pressure balance temperature control only

Cartridge can be replaced without going into the wall

Single-handle function – please confirm part number before ordering.

, 0778992056649, 778992056649

Replacement Cartridge 1300-1400 series Model Number: RP46074 (will work with any New Style 1300-1400 series single handle tub/shower multichoice valve)How to use?step 1:shut off the water supply to the tub/shower.step 2:remove the knob center cap.step 3:unscrew and remove the knob.step 4:slide off the outside sleeve.step 5:remove the brass bonnet .try by hand first,or gently use channel-lock pliers.step 6:remove the old cartridge.step 7:feel for any deposits or debris inside pipe.clean as needed.step 8:insert the new cartridge.step 9:thread and tighten the brass bonnet.step 10:if you remove the backing plate ,clean the old caulk away and clean all parts.step 11:slide the outer sleeve back on.step 12:replace the backing plate and screw it in place.step 13:replace the knob and screw in place.step 14:replace the center cap.

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