Eapele 10ft Garage Door Threshold Seal Weatherproof Easy Cut Replacement Strip

DURABLE RUBBER MATERIAL—specifically designed to withstand extreme temperature exposures.Stays good from -40℉ to 284 ℉.No need to worry about it will crack or shift in cold weather when you drive over it, even after some very cold days.

CUT TO THE RIGHT LENGTH— The material is soft rubber. Use a sharp knife or aviation sheers you could cut it to any sizes you need.

GARAGE DOOR SEALS PERFECTLY—Install this threshold kit, keep your garage cleaner. Seals Out: Drafts, wind-driven rain and snow. Dust, dirt , and leaves.Snakes, rodents and other pests.

EASY TO INSTALL—10ft long, cut to the right length, clean the floor well, and adhere with liquid nails. (liquid nails not included.)

WARRANTY—If there are any concerns, please contact us through amazon message system without hesitate. Full refund for any manufactured defective items.Note: Due to dimensional errors during manufacturing, actual length may be between 9.8ft and 10ft.

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Does Your Garage Door Need It? You?re finding puddles of water around or near your garage door. You can feel drafts coming through the garage door. The metal around or on the garage door is beginning to rust. If you?re having any of the above going on then your threshold should be replaced as soon as possible. Ignoring the issues can result in much more damage. The best thing to do is address the situation right away. Every time it rained, you may got lots of water in your garage. Eapele garage door threshold could completely stopped that. Garage Door Seals are important because it helps keep out debris, rain, snow and pests. It can help by closing the gap between the ground and the door. This means that the seal will keep cold air and moisture from entering through gaps around the garage door to provide optimum insulation. · Choose Eapele garage door seal threshold, have a clean dry room.

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