STIQUICK TILES Peel and Stick Backsplash – for Kitchen Decorative Tiles (10 Sheets) (10″ X 10″ 10 Sheets, Polito Grey)

Eco-friendly Premium STIQUICK TILES with 3D EPOXY Technology which will provide a stunning design for you home.

Come in box of 10 sheets self-adhesive tiles in shiny finish, size of each tile: 10″ X 10″

Easy to install, stick and remove. No extra tools and glue needed. Easy to clean! Waterproof.

STIQUICK TILES are manufactured only in SOUTH KOREA with Innovative Process which makes it unique and guaranteed to have a Higher Quality than any other existing tiles in the industry.

Resistant to heat and moisture. Can be applied on any clean and smooth surfaces.

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INSTALLATION 1) Clean and dry the surface well, so that you get a non-greasy and sleek wall. 2) For the first tile, cut the jagged side of the tile to get a straight edge. 3) Peel off one side of the tile about 2 inch from “Peel from Here” side without touching the adhesive. Install the tile on the wall starting from the peeled corner and slowly peel of the rest. Make sure to overlap the tiles in one direction with precisely overlapping from “Stick from Here” side. 4) Press all grout lines firmly after confirming the place. If you have a misplaced tile, peel it right away and stick it properly again. SURFACE REQUIREMENT AND DIRECTIONS 1) The tiles should be installed on clean and smooth surface. 2) Tiles should not directly contact with flames, steam or submerse in water. 3) Do not install tiles less than 16 inches away from the top of stove. 4) Do not install tiles on fresh paint. 5) If you want to remove the tile, please use a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive and pull it softly. ??Please note that rough surfaces such as brick wall, porous wood, stone wall, gypsum wall, stucco wall, plywood wall, orange peel wall, or oily wall are not suitable to install ?? PRODUCT FEATURES 1) 3D Premium High-quality Eco-friendly Innovative STIQUICK tiles. 2) Easy to install and remove. No extra glue needed. 3) Quick to stick. 4) Can be applied on any clean and smooth surfaces like floors, walls, stairs, backsplash and even on the existing tiles. 5) Resistant to heat. Will never yellow or crack over time. 6) Resistant to moisture and water. Easy to clean.

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