Everhard Roll-N-Chek Seam Roller with Probe Wood Handle MR05018

Seam tester fitted into end of roller lets you quickly and easily check seams right after rolling them out.

Increases quality and efficiency of welded seam work AND saves you time and money

Combo tool stays well balanced in your hand, letting you roll out the seam and immediately test with no “pick up and put down” of different tools.

Versatile seaming tool performs many roofing tasks: seam rolling, seam testing, and seam probing.

Patented. MADE IN USA 1-7/16″ dia X 1-3/4″ wide silicone roller

, 0095412050187, 095412050187

One of the best ways to save time and shorten your punch list is to have contractors checking their seams as they’re welding them. No other tool allows you to do this as easily as Everhard’s patented Roll-N-Check! This tool also features our extended, offset roller keeping your hands away from the heat gun and giving you a better view of your work. This come with a wood handle or see our MR05032 that has a more ergonomic soft grip plastic handle. MADE IN USA

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