Alffun 1/2 Inch Black Malleable Iron Cast Pipe Fitting Flange Tees Elbow, for DIY Decor or Industrial Vintage Style, 30-Pack.

30 Pack 1/2 Inch Flange Tees Elbow Pipe Fitting: adopts strict production standards, anti-corrosion,

Compatible with standard 1/2 inch pipes nipples and fittings, with convenient threaded nipples. Simply screw them together and they will hold forever, can easily to build any shape of frame and shelf for a DIY furniture as you like.

an Authentic Malleable Iron, gives you the exact retro industrial look you’ve been searching for. you can clean them up with lacquer thinner. and spray paint rust inhibitor.

Much cheaper and better quality than parts found in hardware stores. Order them here to get exactly what you want with excellent savings.

Many customers love this set so much. fantastic product and outstanding value for the money. These pipe fitting make an excellent gift.

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