Upgrade Tension Rods 28 to 48 inches 2 Pack Spring Curtain Rod,Heavy Duty Adjustable Shower Curtain rod for Windows,Curtain,Doorway,Bathroom,Closet,White

【Upgrade powerful Tension Rods】The diameter upgraded. The diameter of the conventional rod is 16mm / 0.62inch. The size of our rod is improved to 23mm / 0.9inch, which means that the load capacity of the tensile force is increased by 5 times. load capacity 11-22 lbs / 5-10 kg. It can be extended from 28″ to 48″.★ If the telescopicity is smaller, the load capacity will be better because it will vary according to the length of the installation time.

【Easy To Install】Twist the tension rod until easy to install for your distance.No drills or screws, set firmly, closely and safely.Won’t damage your walls, doors and windows

【Rugged and durable】Built-in upgraded thick spring, enhanced load-bearing capacity, non-slip PVC at the end, non-slip rubber for parts in direct contact with the wall, providing wall friction, sticking to the wall, even if hanging heavy objects will fall

【Multifunctional Tension Rods】 Baked painted with high quality makes the surface clean and smooth, simple and generous, strong and durable, the pure white color can be matched with any curtain or shower clothes pole, shoes rack Windows, Curtain, Doorway, Bathroom, Closet, etc

【Used for various wall surfaces and space saving】 If installed in a narrow apartment room, There is no place for clothes, even in the rainy season, You can use a bathroom dryer or Tension Rods to dry. Used in a variety of wall coverings such as wood, glass, tiles and wallpaper. The length of the tension bar is freely adjustable and can be connected to different positions. It can also be deleted when not in use. [100% Return Service]Tension Rods

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Round Spring Tension Rod Descriptions: -Screw head design, more stable and security -Suitable for hanging Light weight duty voiles, net curtains, shower curtains, Kitchen storage tool, bookshelf,customisable wardrobe etc. -Easy installation without any tools, no damage to walls or doors and windows -Telescopic rod can freely adjust the telescopic scope, and are no longer subject to the constraints of rigid -Can be used for hanging curtains / curtain / shower curtain / wardrobe -Material: Curtain pole body: stainless steel strong rough spring, both ends Non-slip of PVC,Make Tension Rod not easy to fall off. Convenient and Easy to Use: -1.Extending the length of pole to the required length.(More than about 2~7cm to the door’s length.) -2. Making the curtain through the rod -3. Fixing one end of pole, the other is 45 angle with the door -4.Push the other end of pole up, make it be parallel with the door Package: Spring Tension Rods Length: 28 inch to 48 inch Count: 2Pcs Item Specifications: Color: White load rating:2IB (approximate) Size:70-120cm/28-48 inch Material:Metal&ABS,rubber Type:Extendable Curtain Rods Room:Bathroom,Bedroom,Living room,etc Style:Contemporary Characteristics: No punching, easy to install and unload.

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