Cable Organizer Box – Cord Organizer Box – Power Strip Cable Management Box – Cord Hider Box for Hiding Surge Protector Cover – Set of 2, Black

2PCS Cable Box Kits: You will get 1 large size box and 1 medium size box. Meet your need to hide multiple sized outlets. Large 15.7″ (L) x 5.8″ (W) x 5.2″ (H), fits 12 outlets; medium 12.5″ (L) x 5.1″ (W) x 5.0″ (H), fits 6–8 outlets. Power strip and chargers are not included.

Ultimate Messy Power Strip Solution: Get rid of the clutter and ugly cables while presenting a sleek and tidy appearance with our easy to use wire management box, which is perfect for TVs and computers. Hide power strips, surge protectors, and store wires with our hassle-free installation.

Keep your Kids & Pets Safe: Unique safe-locking lid is designed for not easy to open for kids and pets, keeping them safe from dangerous power strips or electrical equipment. And the parent can open the cover easily by prying up two sides of the slit with one hand slightly, at the same time open up the lid with the other hand.

Easy Access to Cables: The two side doors in the power strip box let you easily plug in and organize cables to link to all of your electronics. The nice solution to conceal and store messy cables. The upgraded rubber feet allow for a steady hold on the floor or the desk.

Heavy-duty Material: Made with tough ABS high-density plastic that is an impact-resistant, fire retardant surface, this surge protector box has been fully tested to manage anything your outlet ends up needing.

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What’s behind your desk or entertainment center? Ugly power strips and messy cables! Why not choose a more elegant cord box organizer to complement your state-of-the art TV and sound system? What’s more, promote your productivity at work by organizing all your electronics in an effective way.
Use our power strip box as a charging station under your computer desk or living room to make messy cables away from your sight. So you can focus on what you’re enjoy, no matter at work or leisure time. Design in a go-with-anything white, blend elegantly with modern decorations, entertainment system or wall mounted TV while provide a visually pleasing sight. Set of two different size, fit all major power strips, it is your ultimate choice!

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