Hibbent Bidet Attachment Self Clean Dual Nozzles Non-Electric Mechanical for Hygienic Washing for Rear and Feminine Cleansing Bidet Toilet Attachment Easy To Install in White with Chrome-plated Knobs

1.High Quality Parts Needed: Bidet T adapter and Braided Steel Hoses – Make sure the bidet is no leaking and will not flood the bathroom. All of our internal valves are made with 100% brass, instead of some random ceramic-ensuring long lasting durability.

2.Easy to Operate and Install: Dual nozzle offers posterior wash for him and feminine wash for her, can be used by the entire family. Hibbent toilet bidet attachment with clearly defined settings on the control panel and the bidet can easily be operated by children and the elderly. Adjustable bidet attachment universal design provides easy fit for your toilet, DIY installation and non electric.

3.Sleek and Slim design:Our bidet, being only 9mm thick, is slim enough to allow for inner hoses and structure, while not being too slim to compromise the durability or function of the bidet. The bidet can be attached to most standard 2-piece toilets. It installs right between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl.

4.Nozzle Guard Gate & Self-cleaning Retractable Nozzle:The hygienic nozzle guard gate shields the nozzles. The nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is protected until your next use. You could also choose to clean the nozzle itself.

5.Environmentally Friendly: Save money on toilet paper. Cleaning with our bidet is gentle on your skin and sustainable for the planet. We are always here to make sure you are satisfied.

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Hibbent Cold Water Bidet Non-Electric Toilet Seat Attachment 3 Color Choose from
Product features:
1.Tailored Control: A nozzle adjuster and pressure control knob controls the self-cleaning nozzle’s
spray angle and water pressure to your desired intensity. 
2.10-Minute Installation – Easy, DIY installation on most standard two-piece toilets, complete with
all necessary parts and simple instructions for effortless set-up. 
3.The perfect bidet for your toilet that delivers a fresh, just showered feeling and leaves nothing
behind – no more skid marks, dingle berries, or spreading infections with paper.
4.Save Money: Hibbent cuts your toilet paper usage by 80%, saving you money every time you use the bathroom.
5.Easy to install: The bidet comes with standard US fittings and everything needed for installation.

Color: White
Control knob color: Chrome
Weight: 0.8kg

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